Weather in Armenia

Weather in Armenia

July 25, 2019

Armenia is located in the subtropical zone of in the ridges of the central part of the Lesser Caucasus. Maybe this is the reason why the weather in Armenia varies a lot. Every region has a unique and typical climate. 

The subtropical climate is especially common in the southern part of the country, Syunik province (particularly the city Meghri). Due to the weather conditions, this area let people grow some subtropical fruits such as orange, lemon, olive, etc. 

Weather in Armenia Year Round

If you plan to visit Armenia you’ll need some information related to the Armenian climete. The general weather conditions in Armenia are continental with dry summers and snowy winters. Let’s investigate the peculiarities of Armenian weather in every season.

Weather in Armenia: Winter

Winter starts in Armenia in late November. The climate is mild and sometimes snowy. However if it snows the snow doesn’t stay long. Armenia becomes a wonderland in winter. Many regions are covered with soft snow and you may meet the festive decorations everywhere.

Weather in Armenia - Winter

Since the beginning of December every part of the country, and especially the capital is decorated for the Christmas. If you are fond of winter sports then Armenia is a right destination for you. The most famous places to have unique winter adventures in Armenia are Tsaghkadzor (Kotayk region) and Jermuk (Vayots Dzor Region).

Inspite of the cold weather you’ll meet a warm and hospitable welcoming atmosphere in Armenia. You may try seasonal dishes and taste sweets. By the way the queen of the Armenian winter table is Khash.  

Weather in Armenia: Spring

With the blossom of the first snowdrop, the spring starts in Armenia. Here it is the season of love. There is an one month long holiday in Armenia during the spring which starts on the March 8th on Women’s International Day and ends on the April 7th National Day of Maternity. This one month holiday is devoted to the females.

Weather in Armenia - Spring

Spring is the season when you can see flowers everywhere: in the streets, cafes, shops, etc. People like to present flowers to each other. Visiting Armenia in Spring is a real joy. All the trees are in full blossom and you may smell the sweet odour of the flowers.

Spring is a good season to go for hiking. A great destination will be up to the mount Aragats. You may also enjoy your stay in Dilijan at the heart of the mother nature. However, note that the spring, especially the April, is rainy in Armenia.

Weather in Armenia: Summer

Do you want to have an unforgetable journey? Then take a vocation to Armenia in summer. This is the season when you have a lot of choice to make: hiking, climbing, beach holidas, tours, extreme, active and passive rest, or whatever else you may like.

Weather in Armenia - Summer

Summers are hot in Armenia. The average temperature varies between 23-26 C and it may reach up to 40 C. That’s why people go to the beach. Maybe the lake Sevan is the most visited place in Armenia during the summer.

On the other hand, summer is the season of sweet and juicy fruits and berries. Surely you’ll like apricot - one of the Armenian national symbols. During the summer you may take part in various interesting festivals that will ensure your entertainment.   

Weather in Armenia: Autumn

Autumn is a romantic season especially in Armenia. Armenian weather in autumn is warm. The September is even hot as in summer, but the weather becomes cooler since October, and in November it’s already cold. Sometime you may even face snowy weather.

Weather in Armenia - Autumn

In the autumn people are busy with harvest. They gather all the fruits, vegetables and crops, and get prepared for the winter. It’s common to preserve and store foods as a winter stock.

The autumn is a perfect season to go to hike trips. It’s particularly pleasant when the weather is cool and you may feel a little bit of cold. So, you may make a campfire and sing the famous songs of Rouben Hakhverdyan - the well-known Armenian musician.    

Weather in Yerevan

Comparing with the regions the weather in Yerevan is different. It’s hotter in summer and colder in winter. The yerevan weather is pleasant in every season. However we may say that the summer is an exception, because people tend to leave the city in summer for cooler places.

Generally, the Yerevan temperature is -3-6 C in winter, 10-18 C in spring, 23-27 in summer, and 1-14 C in autumn.   

Weather in Yerevan

The capital city is especially attractive in winter when the city is decorated with the Christmas lights and various bright decorations. The central christmas tree is located at the heart of the city - in the Republic Square.

In summer when the various fountains are irrigated in the city you may hear the voice of the water from everywhere. That sound provides a somehow cool atmosphere. The singing fountains in the Republic Square are one of the favorite places for children and not only.

Summing Up

Now you have  a general idea about the Armenian weather and your opportunities of having a great pastime in this mountainous country. Choose the weather that best fits your interests and welcome to Armenia.

Vera Mirzoyan

Published July 25, 2019
Article by Vera Mirzoyan

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