Armenian flowers

Armenian flowers

February 20, 2019

One of the reasons that tourists are attracted to our country is the beautiful weather. It is a country, famous for its warm subtropical climate. Each season in Armenia is gorgeous in its uniqueness. Spring, however, as in most places is one of the most glorious times of the year. It is the period when our souls get brighter with the blossom of trees and flowers. The colorful carpets of the flowers appear on each corner of the rural zones and even in the center of the cities.

Visiting Armenia in spring means to breathe the fragrant air of colorful and aromatic flowers. Having various and abundant Flora, the variety of plant-life in Armenia is astounding. But there are flowers which native to Armenia: here they are!

Armenian flower #1 Snowdrops

Snowdrop has an essential meaning for the Armenians as the flower is one of the first signs that chilly winter is over and the warm spring is coming. Armenians have a special feeling for this flower. They call it a snow flower because it starts to blossom even when the snow is still on the ground. Young girls are looking forward to the end of February to buy this unique flower.

Armenian native flower #1 Snowdrops

On the streets, you can see the women, who sell snowdrops and convince young girls and boys to buy it․ And it’s sometimes not easy to reject them. Snowdrop has different types and various colors: purple, yellow, white. Mostly in rural areas, the flowers are spread in each garden and field. The blossom of snow flower is a great happiness for the people of Armenia. There is a wrong opinion that Armenian snowdrop has a purple color but the real snowdrop has a white color and they are under both the endangered species. And because of that, the local law doesn't allow pick snowdrops and then sell them.

Armenian flower #2 Forget-me-not

Forget-me-not generally has different colors like blue, pink, white and yellow, with yellow centers. However, in Armenian flower especially met in purple. This unique and beautiful flower has special meaning for all Armenians.

Armenian native flower #2 Forget-me-not

Maybe Armenia is not the only place where forget-me-not appears, but we have our national reason for considering it Armenian flower. The flower symbolizes that we will always remember our national sorrow of 1915. The flower has become a sign for honor of Armenian Genocide 100th anniversary. You could observe the symbol almost everywhere in those days.

Armenian flower #3 Lily of the valley

Armenia is the country of water and the sun which are perfect conditions for this beautiful flower called lily of the valley. Springtime in Armenia is often wet, and it is the ideal period for the blossom of this sweetly scented flower.

Armenian native flower #3 Lily of the valley

It is one of the tender flowers that decorate our gardens. Lily of the valley is a delicate flower for a wedding bouquet combined with other pure and white flowers. It's said to bring luck in love. The main reason it's a wedding-bouquet favorite.

Armenian flower #4 Lilium Armenum

Armenian native flower #4 Lilium Armenum

Typical Armenian flower carries the name of our country- Armenia. The yellow color and delicate aroma of the flower is truly astonishing. The species is very ornamental and is ideal for decorating bouquets. It mostly appears in rural parts of Lori, Shirak, Aragatsotn, and other wet regions. We adore this very national flower. It is sad to remember that Lilium Armenum recently listed in the Armenian Red book of plants.

Armenian flower #5 Everlasting flower

The name of the flower itself shows that it is very symbolic as it will be fresh until you get bored with it or drop it. Everlasting belongs to the flowers that met in each step and has got different types. The yellow color gives a unique beauty to the fragrant flower. In springtime, you can observe that the bouquets mostly are decorated with everlasting flowers, which emphasize its beauty.

Armenian native flower #5 Everlasting flower

What are the favorite flowers of Armenian girls?

Spring is the most favorite season for the girls as there are so many "girly" holidays. Because from March 8 till April 7 we celebrate "Women's month" during this period every corner of the cities and villages is decorated with flowers. The entertainment centers offer women gifts, and thematic sales and florist’s shops offer full of different national and decorative flowers. The celebrations are full of beautiful gifts and, of course, flowers.

It’s hard to say what is the most favorite flower of Armenian women, as tastes differ, and different people like different things. But the rose is the most popular floral choice, with all of its colorful types. Gerbera is another ideal gift: it is beautiful in the bouquets mixed with everlasting or lily of the valley flowers. Tulip with all of its unique types and colors is very lovely to dedicate as a gift. Especially the yellow and red types are the beloved ones for the Armenian girls and women.

The flowers have an essential meaning. They are considering to be a sign of respect, love, and passion. Often give flowers and, of course, receive a gift.

Elen Sargsyan

Published Feb. 20, 2019
Article by Elen Sargsyan


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