National Drinks

The Armenian Wine

“The specialty of the Armenian Wine is that you feel it, but you can’t describe it in words". said Charles Aznavour. In fact, the first wine was made in Armenia more than 4000 years ago.The excavations were found the oldest winemaking instrument in the area of nowadays Areni village.

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The Armenian Brandy

The Armenian Brandy is famous throughout the world and sometimes is considered to be the best Brandy of the world.It is interesting to know that Armenian Brandy was the favorite drink of English Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

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Maybe this drink doesn’t have the Armenian origin but is very popular amongst Armenian.Though this drink is not Armenian, this is very popular drink in Armenia. The traditional Armenian barbecue is being served with Vodka.

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This Golden drink appeared in Armenia about 2400 years ago. Greek historian Xenophon commemorated one of his references that he tasted the tastiest beer in Armenia.The Armenians started to produce beer still in 5th century BC.

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