Accommodation in Armenia

Accommodation in Armenia

October 29, 2017

When you planning to go to a new country, is the question where am I going to stay. If you have taken your way to the country full of wonders, be sure that you will have a great opportunity of choice. Armenia has large hotel complexes, comfortable and cheap hostels, and resort houses with different activities where you can feel yourself at home.

Hotels of Yerevan

Being the heart of Armenia, Yerevan has a large variety of accommodations. Many elegant, luxurious and comfortable hotels are situated in the center of Yerevan. One of the famous hotels in Yerevan is the Armenia Marriot Hotel Yerevan.  The hotel is located in the most important square of Yerevan, Republic Square and offers well-appointed rooms, Techno gym equipment, two Executive Floors, and Executive Lounge, renovated gym, outside pool, Cucina Italian, restaurant, Cristal Bar & Lounge with unique cocktails and business meeting halls.

The other well-known hotel in Yerevan is the Royal Tulip Grand Hotel Yerevan. It is one of the best hotels in Yerevan, having a rich cultural and historic heritage. The hotel’s designer was a famous Armenian architect Buniatian, 1926. The hotel offers 104 elegant rooms, sauna, outside pool, gym, Winter Park and souvenir shop. The hotel is located in the center of Yerevan, near the Moscow Cinema.

If you want to feel the real atmosphere of ancient Armenia, the best choice is the Tufenkian Historic Hotel. It was opened in 2012 but already managed to gain the attention of the travelers. Tufenkian Hotel offers 83 comfortable rooms designed in ancient Armenian carpets and rugs, a bar/lounge, conference hall and a traditional restaurant called Kharpert which offers Western and Eastern Armenian cuisine.

The building of the hotel has a great architectural style which reflects the architecture of Armenia in the 19th-20th century. Tufenkian Hotel is located on Hanrapetutyan 48 Street, near famous Vernisage an outdoor craft and souvenir market.

The other well-known hotels are Opera Suite Hotel Yerevan, Ani Plaza Hotel Yerevan, Hyatt Place Yerevan Hotel, Royal Plaza Hotel, and Best Western Congress Hotel.

Hostels in Yerevan

Besides these luxurious hotels, Yerevan also offers friendly, convenient and cheap hostels, where you can pass your holidays without paying much money on accommodation. You can see the list of the hostels in Yerevan;

  • Envoy Hostel (Pushkin54, Yerevan)
  • Yerevan Hostel (Tpagrichner 5, Yerevan)
  • Grammy Hostel (Aghayan 15, Yerevan)
  • Rafael Hostel (Khanjyan35/5, Yerevan)
  • Center Hostel (Vardanants 4, Yerevan)
  • Theatre Hostel (Tigran Mets27, Yerevan)

Sanatoriums and hotels in other cities of Armenia

Hotels in Jermuk

If you want to pass your holidays in the resort city Jermuk, Armenia offers the best resort houses for your healthy vacation. Jermuk is the first resort town in Armenia and offers the best sanatoriums and resort houses

  • Jermuk Armenia
  • Jermuk Olympia
  • Jermuk Ashkharh
  • Jermuk Sanatorium Number 1

Hotels in Dilijan

"Armenian Switzerland” or simply Dilijan, is one of the most famous resort cities of Armenia. It is the favorite place for Armenians and the tourists. The wonderful scenes of thick forests, the fresh and healthy air make this city a place where you can pass great holidays. Here are the list of popular hotels and resort houses

  • Dilijan Resort sanatorium
  • Old Dilijan” a branch of Tufenkian Heritage Hotel
  • Dghyak Pension
  • Haghartsin Hotel
  • Impuls Dilijan Sanatorium Complex
  • Red Hotel Dilijan

Sanatoriums of Dilijan Resort

  • Old Dilijan, the branch of Tufenkian heritage hotel
  • Dghyak sanatorium
  • Haghartsin hotel
  • Impuls Dilijan sanatorium
  • Red Hotel Dilijan

Hotels in Aghveran

Aghveran is another great place for passing holidays. Just an hour drive from Yerevan and you appear in a mountain resort. Here you will find hotels appropriate for any budget.

  • Arthur's Aghveran Resort
  • Best Western Aghveran
  • Ararat Aghveran Resort
  • Park Resort Aghveran

Hotels and Sanatoriums of Arzni

To get to the “medical city” Arzni is not difficult, only 21.7 km from Yerevan (maximum 30 minutes). The most famous sanatorium in Arzni is the Arzni resort. There is absolutely everything for a real holiday. Massage, all sorts of treatments, delicious food, fresh air: what else do you need for happiness? There is also a health resort Arzni 1. where the guests like the location of the hotel and not only.

Guests Houses

Here many tourists choose guesthouses, especially outside of Yerevan. Every year more and more tourists want to live a few days with an ordinary family, eat home-made food, why not, be involved in agriculture.  Even if you have not booked a room in advance, it does not matter, knock on any door, there will be someone who will welcome you.

So, Welcome Armenia.