Dilijan is one of the most important and beautiful towns in Tavush region. It is located on the banks of Aghstev River and is surrounded by mountains covered with thick forests. It is a major resort town of Armenia. 

What To See in Dilijan?

Dilijan National Park is a beautiful place rich with natural and cultural monuments and healing mineral water. There are nearly 20 mineral water springs in the area of the city.

The picturesque Parz Lake is located within the Dilijan National Park. The word “parz” means “clear” in Armenian. The water of the lake reflects the sky and the surrounding forest making a fascinating view.

Not too far from the Parz lake is the ancient Monastery of Haghartsin (10-13th centuries); one of the most popular monasteries in Armenia. The monastery includes three churches: St. Astvatsatsin (1281), St. Gregory(1244), St. Stepanos (1232), as well as two courtyards, refectory, prayer halls and khachkars(cross-stones). The Monastery is also located within the thick forests of Dilijan National Park. 

Goshavank is another legendary Monastery in the Tavush Region. Goshavank is a medieval monastery complex of 12-13th centuries located in the village of Gosh at the left bank of Getik River. The Monastery is named after the famous Armenian scientist, historian, parable writer, and teacher Mkhitar Gosh, who lived and worked in this monastery. 

There are some other small churches in Dilijan as well, such as Jukhtak Vank and Matosavank.

The town of Dilijan is itself very interesting. The relief of the town is mountainous covered with forests and gardens. It has preserved its unique style of traditional Armenian architecture. The view of old small houses embracing nature is really splendid. Armenians call Dilijan “Our small Switzerland”. This small town has many hotels, resort houses, and sanatoriums of the highest standards. The restaurants are famous for their delicious food and good service. 

The town is also home to the United World College Dilijan which is the 14th member of the United World Colleges movement, one of eighteen colleges around the world. It has been operating in Dilijan since 2014.



Goshavank is medieval monastery complex. It is located in Gosh town (Tavush Region), at the left bank of Getik River. The previous name of the church was Nor Getik, but after the death of Mkhitar Gosh, the church was renamed Goshavank.

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