Winter Sports in Armenia

Winter Sports in Armenia

September 13, 2017

You want to do sports, eat well and be invited as guests to many unknown Armenian people and be treated with many tasty national dishes? Snowy Armenia waits for you.

Armenia has two opposite weather conditions too hot summer and too cold winter(not usually but happens). So that dry and hot summers are being followed by cold and chilly winters but it is not a reason for tourists not to visit this wonderful country. Armenia has a lot of activities for winter sports lovers and amateurs.

The most visited destination in cold weather remains marvelous Tsaghkadzor. It is one of the three resort towns of Armenia and a place that all the locals love and prefer to visit. This winter resort town is in Kotayk region, not far away from Yerevan.

Winter Sports in Armenia - Skiing

The first ski resort was opened in 1986, near to the Tsaghkadzor Olympic Sports Complex. Here you can ski, slide down on sleds in the slopes of the Teghenis Mountain. There is also a cableway which is 1966-2819 meter high above sea level and has two directions․

The cableway has been working since 1967 and has a 30 km length. Here you can also visit the famous church of Tsaghkadzor called Kecharis which is very beautiful, especially at nights when the lights are on. This little town welcomes everyone who visits there, the locals are hospitable and kind.

If you are a free-rider you can ski on the slopes of Mount Aragats, which is also a great place for professional climbers and winter sports lovers. The other Mountains Ara and Hatis are also convenient for mountain climbing. If you are a risk-taker and ready for new challenges, this sport is for you. Armenian Mountains will give you the opportunity to try one of the best experiences in your life.

skiing in Tsaghkadzor

Winter Sports in Armenia - Skating

But those who like ice skating, you can do it in the capital, there are different skating rinks where you can have a good time. One of them is located in the canter of Yerevan, near Opera's building called Swan Lake. This is one of the most beautiful places in the capital. In summers it is an artificial lake with the similar shape of Lake Sevan, with a few swans swimming in it and a place where all the youth of Armenia gather in the hot evenings. But when the winter comes the Swan Lake becomes open-air skating rink for ice skaters.

Winter Sports in Armenia - Zipline 

If you have a lack of adrenaline, we have something special to offer you. What about Zipline flight in snowy weather? It is the first amusement park in Armenia which has different functions and activities for extreme lovers and adventure seekers. Don't worry Armenian nature is beautiful even in winter when everything is covered with a white cover. Your winter adventures in Armenia will a real enjoyment for you.


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