Main Dishes of Armenian Cuisine

Main Dishes of Armenian Cuisine

September 11, 2017

One thing that you can’t forget about Armenia is the tastiest and the most appetizing dishes of Armenian cuisine. It reflects the traditions and the history of ancient Armenia. We inherited diverse and rich cuisine from our ancestors.

Armenian cuisine is considered to be one of the oldest ones in Asia and Transcaucasia. It proves the fact that still 2500 years ago the Armenians knew how to bake bread and make a barbecue.

Armenian national dish №1 Barbeque - Khorovats

The Armenian dishes are famous for their special taste and spicy flavors. The most popular dishes are made of meat. The most important and special dish of every Armenian table is the barbecue. It is made with pork, lamb, beef or chicken in the addition of different species and served with traditional Armenian “Lavash”.

Armenian national dish №2 Dolma

The other traditional dish of Armenian cuisine is the famous “Tolma” or “Dolma”. The Armenians have more than 50 types of traditional Dolma. It is considered to be the second main dish in every Armenian table. It is made with cabbage or grape leaves, rice, minced meat, and other species.

We also use vegetables (pepper, eggplant, tomato) instead of cabbage leaves. We wrap the leaves around the minced meat and rice and cook it with olive oil. As a result, it becomes very tasty. So, if you are in Armenia try this dish without a doubt.

Armenian national dish №3 Fish

The fish has its special place in Armenian cuisine. The locals like to make fish, especially “Ishkhan”, “Taraph” “Sig”. We have numerous ways of making it. If you want to try the tastiest fish in Armenia, you should visit Sevan city (it takes an hour to get there).

Armenian national dish №4 Khash

Maybe the most traditional dish in Armenia is “Khash”. The Armenians love “ Khash”, though it has a long making process. This dish is made of boiled cow’s feet (cleaned, without the smell). The traditional Lavash is also part of this tasty food; we serve the “Khash” mainly with dry Lavash and radishes. In the end, of course, it becomes tastier with vodka.

Armenian national dish №5 Harissa

The traditional soups have also their special place. “Harissa” is one of the tastiest soups in Armenian cuisine. It is made with chicken meat and wheat. In the end, add salt, butter and Harissa is ready.  Each housewife has her own version of cooking. 

Armenian national dish №6  Aveluk

We have many kinds of soups and salads, especially for vegans. The special soup made with “Aveluk” is the popular dish in Armenia. It is an edible herb that has a healthy feature. The Armenians have also very tasty salad made with “ Aveluk”.

So in this diverse and tasty cuisine, you will find a dish that is better for you.

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