Pubs in Yerevan

Pubs in Yerevan

October 26, 2017

If you want to have fun, drink a bottle of beer, pass your evening in a really good atmosphere, Yerevan offers you very different pubs In recent years, they became very popular places to pass evenings, amongst young people. They have a simple interior and cheerful atmosphere, many of them have a certain theme and name with specific dishes and cocktails. Each of the bars has its own unique cocktails from the bartender, own events, dance nights and many other things. All the pubs are situated in the center of Yerevan. Pushkin Street is considered to be the most famous bar street, where you can find numerous places for enjoying your night.


This is one of the most popular ones, where you can not only have fun, listen to great music and dance but also try tasty dishes. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the bar serves unlimited chicken and unlimited crayfish.


This is one of the first pubs in Yerevan and it is still popular; every day it opens its doors to guests. The interior is made in true Irish style; green tones, wooden tables, and chairs, rock ballads and beer. Irish is the only place in Yerevan that serves Guinness true Irish beer, as well as cocktails and continental cuisine.


If you are a fan of the legendary band, The Beatles invites you to spend the evening with good music. The interior is simple and comfortable, the walls are decorated with photographs of the band.


The atmosphere in Cuba is always “hot” because crazy parties with hot Latin dances are common things here. On Wednesdays, it serves unlimited crayfish, and of course cocktails and beer.


The small but cozy bar is decorated in a retro style. It is always crowded, and if you visit after 10 o’clock, it would be hardly possible to find a free table. There is always a piece of cool music, and time passes really fast. If you visited Hemingway pub, remember to order Tornado cocktail (special cocktail from the bartender). We guarantee you’ll like it.


If you are with your friends and don’t know where to go, choose the most friendly pub in the Yerevan, which is “Friends”. The bar is famous for Latino dance parties where you can enjoy hot Latin rhythms a the guidance of instructors who are there to teach you The Friends bar believes it is the right place to meet old friends and make new friendships. Don’t forget to ask the barman for a Friends-invented cocktail, this is what you would never find elsewhere.