The Most Interesting Summer Festivals in Armenia

The Most Interesting Summer Festivals in Armenia

June 21, 2019

Armenia is a highly cultural country that puts the national values and traditions ahead of everything. An important part of the Armenian culture is festivals. These are events which are informative and interesting, funny and entertaining, cultural and sometimes not only.

Armenian schedule for festivals lasts all year long. However, the most appropriate time for festivals in the summer. Perhaps because this is the time of summer holidays and people are in a vacation mood. If you are also fond of taking part in festivals then the summer is the perfect season for you. Let’s discover which are the most interesting Armenian festivals in summer.

Summer events #1 Candy Festival

The Candy festival is one of the few festivals in summer which takes place in Yerevan. As the capital is relatively hotter, most of the festivals are organized in the regions. The weather is cooler there, and people tend to leave the capital.

The candy festival takes place on June 22 at Northern Avenue, Yerevan. This is the sweetest and most colorful event in the city. The entrance is free for everybody. 

Candy festival

The festival is especially joyful for children. They may enjoy their favorite candies, cakes, ice creams, fruits, and whatever tasty there is. Some games and attractive shows are held to attract children. The characters of cartoons entertain children during the day.

Summer events #2 Artsakh Airfest 2019

The Artsakh Airfest is the most expected event in Artsakh. For the third time, the festival will take place on July 13 in Stepanakert. The entrance ticket price is 2000 AMD.

Artsakh Airfest

The festival is full of positive energy and emotions. During this summer event, Stepanakert Airport becomes one of the most exciting places in Armenia and Artsakh.  The festival includes air shows, airplanes, helicopters, air balloons, and many other things for extreme lovers. And imagine? All of the above-mentioned activities touch the sky at the same time.

Summer events #3 Taraz Festival

Yerevan Taraz Festival is one of the most national events which, again, takes place in the capital. The festival is arranged every year and it is a celebration of one of the richest of Armenian traditions – “Taraz”. This year it will be on July 27th. 

Yerevan Taraza Fest

Traditional “Taraz” - the Armenian national dress reflects the cultural identity of the nation and the peculiarities of the national character. The entrance of the festival is free of charge.

Summer events #4 Yell Extreme Park Festival

The Yell extreme park festival is organized on the birthday of Yell Extreme Park. For the fourth time, it takes place on July 27-28 in Yell Extreme Park, Yenokavan (Tavush Region).

Yell Extreme Park

In case you are an extreme lover, like me, you’ll surely love this event. You may enjoy your time in the park full of extremes, get an adrenaline rush, and take the pleasure of fresh air and green nature at the heart of high mountains.

Summer events #5 Vardavar

Vardavar takes place on July 28th everywhere in Armenia. This is one of the favorite holidays of Armenians. During the event, people play a strange game called “Jroci”. They wet each other in the play and cool down from the hot weather.


Although the festival is famous in all over the country, the hotspots of Vardavar are Swan Lake and Republic Square in Yerevan. Outside of the capital, the festival is widely celebrated in the Geghard monastery and the old pagan temple - Garni.   

Summer events #6 Sevan International Music Festival 2019

For the fifth time, Sevan International Music Festival takes place in Sevan on August 3rd and 4th. Lake Sevan - the Armenian blue-eyed beauty, guarantees an entertaining atmosphere. As always, the entrance to the festival is free of charge.  

Sevan Music Festival

This is the brightest, the most colorful, and, of course, the most youthful international music festival 2019. During the event, you can listen to any kind of music around the world. A unique platform is provided for beginners and professional musicians to interact with one another through the language of music. Here the music is an amazing way to connect and establish warm relationships with others. 

These two musical days are a great opportunity to fill the year with boundless energy and positive vibes. This year, besides music, there will be introduced some painting, photography, as well as carving and sculptures.

Summer events #7 Honey And Berry Festival

The Honey and berry festival is organized in Berd - the center of Shamshadin (Tavush region). Shamshadin is considered to be the center of honey making. Every year the event takes place in August, and this time it is expected to be on the 10th and 11th of the month. The entrance is free of charge.  

Honey and berry festival always lasts for two days. This is the most delicious festival which takes place in the Soran park. These days, native people present their natural honey, berries, various homemade dishes, cakes, and fruits. Even professional cooks arrive Tavush to introduce Armenian dishes.

Honey And Berry Festival

Besides food, you may also find interesting souvenirs and national symbolic icons made by children, and also paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of art by natives. Even famous brand representatives from Yerevan use this opportunity to introduce their products to the public.

During the day, you are entertained by a show. Native people (children, youngsters, olds) recite poems, sing patriotic songs, and dance national dances. Here you may meet famous singers and artists as well. In the evening you may be fond of a jazz concert and enjoy your cool evening.

To Sum Up

Now, when you have already gotten a pretty good idea of Armenian summer festivals, I want to ask a question. Do you want to join us in at least one of these amazing events? Surely, you do.  The Armenian festivals are both tasty and engaging.

These events include various projects so that they meet the expectations of every participant. You’ll surely find any appealing activity, regardless of your interest and taste.  Don’t miss your summer to get the pleasure of Armenian festivals. Hopefully, we’ll meet during an extraordinary festival.

Vera Mirzoyan

Published June 21, 2019
Article by Vera Mirzoyan

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