Armenian Sweets

Armenian Sweets

September 11, 2017

Sweets are happiness, Armenian sweets are double happiness. Probably, there is no Armenian in the world who does not like Gata and baklava, Sujukh, sweet lavash from different fruits, jam, etc. Real sweet tooths will appreciate such delicious sweets. So, let's see what you can try in Armenia and, why not, take them to your family and friends from. 

Armenian sweets №1 Pastry

Gata is the most famous Armenian pastry. There are several recipes. for example, you can see round Gatas on the way to the temple of Geghard. Delicious and delicate dough, sweet filling of sugar, flour, and butter, which just melts in your mouth. How can you not love gata?

Pakhlava is no less famous Armenian pastry. Filled with walnuts and sugar, pakhlava is being sprinkled with honey. Just imagine how sweet it is. Try just one piece, even if you are on a diet.

Armenian sweets №2 Sujukh and dried fruits

Dried fruits are another feature of Armenian cuisine. They are an inseparable part of every Armenian festive table. We make dried fruits from anything, even tomatoes. Well, it's probably dried vegetable. The joke is a joke but it's true. Have you ever visited the Central Market of Yerevan? You'll get dizzy from the variety. Words can't describe it. The same goes for Sujukh. Colorfully, beautifully Sujukhs attracts everyone's attention. So, the city market is a must place in Yerevan.
Armenian sweets №3 Jams

Everyone makes jams, but Armenian women make the best in the world. The secret is, probably, in the taste of fresh fruits. Armenians make jam from walnuts, figs, pumpkins, mulberry, rose petals, and even eggplants. All over the world in the supermarkets, you can find jars of Armenian jams. So try them when you are in Armenia

Armenian sweets №4 Sweet fruit lavash

We make sweet fruit lavash from different fruits, but mainly from apricots and plums. They are another Armenian yummy, which you should eat.

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