Nature & Wildlife

Parz Lake

Parz Lake you is one of the miracles of the Armenian nature because looking at the trees you don’t understand where they begin and where they end because the greenish water reflects all the view in pure water making the scene unforgettable.

Dilijan National Park

The park is located in the northern part of Armenia, on the slopes of Pambak, Miapor and Aregani mountain chains and on the basin of Aghstev and Getik rivers, 1000-2000 m high above sea level.


Being situated in the northern part of Armenia, this garden admires everyone who visits here. The park is a natural forest with many ornamental trees and plants, lime trails and different wild plants.

Lake Sevan

“Lake Sevan is like a piece of blue sky between the mountains which came down from the sky”. Maxim Gorky

Mount Aragats

Can you guess what is the highest point in Armenia? Aragats is a four-peaked volcano massif (4090 m level) and the highest point of Armenia.

Yerevan Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is a unique garden having a national value which has a history more than 80 years. The Garden in its scientific composition and character has international fame and is considered to be one of the leading scientific institutions in the area.

Yerevan Zoo

One of the natural heritage of Armenia is the Yerevan Zoo. It is another beautiful and interesting place where you can visit and enjoy your day.