Armenia Wellness & SPA Hotel, Jermuk

This classical Armenian building is one of the most famous sanatoriums in Armenia. Being located in the center of Jermuk, this resort welcomes everyone and offers the best services.

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Jermuk Ashkharh Health Center

The fresh mountainous air and the surrounding green forests give this town special charm which is unforgettable. Thanks to the mountains air, spring mineral water and other resources Jermuk is the healthiest town in Armenia.

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Ararat Mother's and Children's Health SPA

In the southern part of the Armenia situates a city which attracts everyone in its nature, cures the people with different diseases and gives the most enjoyable days of a healthy rest.

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Gladzor Sanatorium

Located in a high canyon, Gladzor Sanatorium welcomes and cures all the patients and the guests.

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Olympia Sanatorium

Jermuk is the popular sanatorium town in Armenia. It surrounded by mountains and thick forests and rich with fresh, mineral water springs.This Sanatorium is an international class medical center for 50 years.

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Arzni resort

Arzni Resort is one of the best places where you can relax and get medical curing procedures.

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