As a first Christian country, this holiday has a big importance in our spiritual traditions. Easter or Pascha is a festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. This holiday is one of the five main holidays in Armenian Apostolic Church.

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This is a very special holiday for all the Armenians. Everyone loves to play this funny game. It may seem strange, for foreigners to see everyone pouring water on each other. So if you walk in the streets, never have a hope that you will get out of it completely dry.

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Grape Blessing Day

The locals say that “Blessed grape is tastier”. Grape blessing day is a national tradition. The Grape blessing day is one of the five main holidays of Armenian Apostolic Church.

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Dolma Festival

Armenian cuisine is rich with tasty and appetizing dishes. But one of the symbolizing dishes of Armenian cuisine is the Armenian Dolma (Tolma).This dish has Armenian origin and decorates every Armenian traditional table. The Armenians have more than 50 types of traditional Tolma.

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The legend says that on this day the Gods came down to the Earth and swam in the holy river of Aratsani and then watched the celebration from the top of snowy mountains.

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Festival of Honey and Berries

If you are sweet lover this festival is for you, the tastiest holiday in Armenia is the Honey and Berries Festival.This festival takes place in Berd town located in Tavush region.

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Barbecue Festival

The decoration of any Armenian table is the traditional barbecue. This dish has a very ancient origin.The dish that Armenians love to eat in holidays, important events, birthdays and other parties is the traditional Armenian barbecue.

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Wine Festival

“The specialty of the Armenian Wine is that you feel it, but you can describe it in words". The climate of Armenia provides the sweet taste of grapes which makes wine with high quality.

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Festival of National Costumes

The National costume is one of the important components of country's culture which shows the history and the way of the nation. Already two years Armenians organize one of the important festivals for the nation and the foreigners.

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Festival of Sheep Shearing

Festival of Sheep Shearing is one of the interesting festivals in Armenia. Every year this fest takes place in Syunik Region and 7 villages near Tatev present their traditional dishes with the pictures of sheep and other handmade works.

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International Film Festival “Golden Apricot”

One of the most important events of Yerevan’s cultural life is the Golden Apricot International Film Festival.The film festival was called apricot, because the apricot is one of the symbols of Armenia, as it is an inseparable part of the country.

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Festival of Gata

The Armenia has many tasty and appetizing festivals that attract everyone. One of the tastiest festivals is the Festival of Gata. Gata is a symbol of Armenian cuisine and one of the main decorations of Armenian tables.

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Festival “Gift of Syunik”

Syunik is a home to many festivals and “Gift of Syunik” fest is one them. The most interesting thing that you will see here is the process of making mulberry vodka; you can also taste this special drink.

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Bread in the Mountains

The most widespread symbol of Armenia is the traditional bread. Still, in ancient times the Armenians already knew how to bake bread.

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Festival Mulberry – NKR

“Festival Mulberry” is one of the delightful festivals in Armenia. This is one of the interesting facts about Armenia. Come and explore Armenia and you will have incredible memories.The Mulberry festival takes place at Amaras Monastery ( Nagorno Karabakh).

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Fish Festival

Though Armenians don’t have the sea or the ocean, it doesn’t prevent them to organize the fish festival. It is one of the favorite festivals for all the Armenians because the fish symbolizes the Christianity.

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