Hiking in Armenia

Hiking in Armenia

September 13, 2017

A mountainous country with winding roads, large forests, high canyons, and hills attract everyone who wants to pass holidays in an extraordinary way. Armenia is heaven for those who are ready for active tours full of discoveries and adventures. We organize hiking tours in the area of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. During the tour, you will be able to see the treasures of Armenian Nature and the heights of Armenian uplands.

Hiking tourism in Armenia: Mount Aragats

One of the popular hiking places is Aragats Mountain (4090). It is the highest peak in Armenia, an extinct volcano that has four peaks. The Southern peak of Aragats is for non-professional climbers, but if you are professional the Northern peak is more convenient for you because it requires serious preparedness. For climbing the mountain, the most suitable months are June and August at that time of the year the trails are dry. But this mountain becomes a perfect place for professional climbers in winters.

Geghama Mountain Chain

The other fascinating place for hikers is the Geghama Mountain Chain. It is located in the eastern part of Armenia in the area Gegharkunik Region. The mountain chain surrounds the blue proud of Armenia, Lake Sevan.

These mountains are especially beautiful in spring when the slopes are covered with colorful flowers; there you will see beautiful streams of lakes, streams, and rivers. If you want to explore the mysterious place and discover secret sides, swim in Lake Sevan and visit the peninsula's famous churches.

hiking in Armenia

Mountain Khustup

Mountain Khustup is another beautiful place for hikers which is located in Syunik Province. This mountain is not high (3200) but for reaching to the top of it the hikers should walk 3-4 hours, change the valleys and then should find the secret path which leads to the mountain Khustup.

The hikers call this Mountain 3D model made by designers because it isn't as easy to climb as it seems. Come and visit this mysterious place, enjoy the picturesque view of this marvelous Mountain.

Don’t miss your chance, discovering Armenia in a new way. There are lots of undiscovered things and places that you should explore.

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