The Challenger of His Time: Sergei Parajanov

Sergei Parajanov is a film director and artist of Armenian descent who brought changes to the world of Soviet cinematography by using his unique cinematic style. His films have a huge effect on the Ukrainian, Armenian and Georgian cinema.

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Nightlife in Yerevan: 5+ clubs and pubs

Many tourists visit Yerevan and wonder about the nightlife of the city. In this article, we'll discuss some pubs and clubs popular among locals and tourists where you can enjoy your time while listening to good music and drinking.

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Waterfall Trchkan: A Jump from the Height

Armenia has a little and rocky area but unbelievably beautiful nature. Trchkan Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Armenia, located on the border between Lori and Shirak regions. If you are in Armenia, don’t forget to visit the Trchkan Waterfall which is beautiful during all four seasons of the year.

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Technology Centers in Armenia

Since Soviet times Armenia was known for its success in the IT section and was often called “Silicon Valley of the USSR.” Armenians believe that the creative youth is the future of the country. This is why there are many technology centers that provide numerous opportunities for them.

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Armenian National Dances

Armenian dances are one of the oldest ones in the Caucasus. They reflect the entire story of the country by making one the part of it. Let's have a look on some of them.

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Mysterious Swinging Bridge: New and Old Khndzoresk

Only 30 kilometers from Tatev, a suspension bridge connects old Khndzoresk with new Khndzoresk. As you read on, you will realize that this is not an ordinary bridge nor is it an ordinary village!

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Is Armenia safe to travel ? Of course, YES

Safety is your biggest concern when you visit any foreign country. If you have been in Armenia before, then you already know the welcoming feeling of being here. The locals are quick to help you if you seem to be confused or lost. You will experience their helpful nature by opening a map while standing on a street corner.

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Armenian National Clothing TARAZ

Possibly you are wondering: What does "taraz" mean? Well, according to an Armenian dictionary, taraz has many meanings. We are going to use all of those words to describe the traditional national dress of Armenia, or taraz.

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10 most popular Armenians today

Sometimes only one person can change our lives. No matter bad or good, that’s another question. We can love someone and try to be like him or her. There are people who change a history.

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National Center of Aesthetics. Armenian has always had a hand in art.

Would you believe that right here in Armenia, was the birth of an avant-garde classification of art? This is a class of aesthetic art that is pure, without regard to tradition or convention. This is the children's interpretation of the world before they have been told what it should look like.

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Top facts about Armenian culture you must know

You can't help but notice the differences that set Armenians apart from many other ethnic groups. Let us take a closer look at these elements that make up the Armenian spirit.

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Dram. The national currency of Armenia

Now Armenia has its own national currency to identify with a feeling of independence from the Soviet Union and all previous occupying forces.

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Shopping in Yerevan, Armenia

What do we always buy for our friends from our traveling? Yes, you’re right, souvenirs. Armenia is a real museum for gifts.

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Armenia Facts and Figures. 31 interesting facts about Armenia that you might know

The following facts will help you visualize Armenia's vibrant past and present. What makes Armenia stand out above other places? Why does this small nation have such persistent pride? How has this country made such a great contribution to the world around it? Who are the Armenian people and where do they come from? Let us start from the beginning:

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What to eat and drink in Artsakh. Discover a taste of paradise

You will never forget the wonderful tasting foods and wines of Artsakh. What makes them different from other regions?

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10 Things you must know before traveling to Armenia

When you travel to Armenia you will discover a hidden treasure. The history, people, and way of life make Armenia stand out from anywhere else you've visited. It offers everything from a relaxed atmosphere to extreme adventure destinations.  This helpful guide will better prepare you for your journey of discovery.

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What to see and to do in Tsaghkadzor

If you’ve already in Armenia and like to spend your leisure time in nature, breathe some fresh air and see beautiful places, Tsakhkadzor is always a good idea for you and your friends.

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How to travel Armenia cheap: Insider's tips and tricks

Do you want to travel cheap, have a great time full of joy and unforgettable memories, see many wonderful places, and taste national cuisine?

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Historical sights of Armenia

Those who want to discover Armenia, know the culture and learn about history, are welcome to these top 5 historical places of Armenia. It’s of course not enough, but I gathered the places which are so important for me and every Armenian. Let’s go.

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Armenia's Velvet Revolution: Symbols and Memorable moments

Nikol Pashinyan: the man whose name knows every Armenian and not only. He began this revolution which infected the entire Armenian nation both in Armenia and the Diaspora.

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Extreme in Armenia. How to pass a dynamic and unforgettable time?

Armenia is a country of mixes: Here you can walk & fly, dream & try, feel, feel, feel…Feel the spirit of the streets, warmness of nation, a taste of cuisine, smile of children, a blessing of God…

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Armenia on a fast track. 5-day itinerary from Haveneverbeenthere

My favorite actor is Armenian, his name is Frunzik Mkrtchyan, and perhaps I watched all his movies whichever were translated from Armenian.

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Anna Kazanjian (Longobardo)

Anna Kazanjian(Longobardo) is one of the first woman-engineers in American mechanical-engineering sphere.

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How do Armenians celebrate Easter?

Armenia has its own unique Easter celebrations and traditions. Its liturgical history is long, having been the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion in 301 AD.

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Do’s and Don’ts in Armenia

If you are planning to visit this beautiful, historical and jaw-droppingly gorgeous country any time soon then here are some dos and don’ts that might come in handy.

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Top 6 Museums to visit in Yerevan

When you visit Armenia it will be a good start at first to discover yourselves its history and culture. And how can you do it? Of course by visiting museums !

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What food to try when visiting Armenia

Armenia has a rich food history to span across more than 1,500 years, with many traditional cooking techniques still influencing the cuisine today.

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5 places to see in Armenia that tourists don't know about

Armenia is located between the Asian and European plateau, situated right atop the Middle East. Its lands are replete with natural spring water, lush mountainscapes

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Top 5 Hiking Places in Armenia

Do you enjoy hiking, or just love the great outdoors? Then Armenia is definitely the country for you to travel to!

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March 8 - International Women's day․ How Armenians celebrate it.

They say beauty is something. A woman needs to be, always. But remember, Women, are much more than Just being beautiful! Women are talented, Women are funny, Women are witty, Women are adventurous.

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7 best things to do in Gyumri

Maybe you’ve heard about the city’s rich history and vibrant culture? Or perhaps you want to experience firsthand the celebrated city of arts and the famous humor of its inhabitants?

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5 Travel tips for Armenia

Armenia is the best place to visit for cultural tourism visit which is often mentioned as a “museum under the open sky”.

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The Greatest Armenians: Ivan Ayvazovsky

The greatest Armenian master of the marine art is considered to be the best painter ever. His works are famous everywhere, and never stops admiring everyone who has ever seen his masterpieces. He is Ivan Ayvazovsky the greatest of greatest.

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The Armenian duduk is arguably one of the most powerful of all instruments in its ability to move someone in their very core

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How much does it cost 1 weekend in Armenia?

Armenia is not only one of the most interesting countries in the world, it is also one of the most inexpensive.  A perfect combination!

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The World's Longest Ropeway

While Armenia is full of ancient churches and fortresses, it is also home to this popular, modern-day construction miracle. The Wings of Tatev is the world’s longest non-stop double-track cable car at 5.7km.

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what-time-of-the-year-is-the best-to-visit-armenia

What time of year is the best to visit Armenia?

You can visit Armenia in any season and enjoy the artistry that covers this wonderful country. You can read about all the seasons as follows and decide what season suits you the best to plan your trip!

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Drinking Fountains: The Tastiest Water in the World

The water in Armenia is something of a miracle and is rumored to be the tastiest, sweetest drinking water in the world. Perhaps the best place to start your Armenian water tasting tour is in the capital city, Yerevan.

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The Greatest Armenians: What They Have Given the World

Armenians have been innovators since the beginning of time, contributing some of the most vital inventions the world has seen.  

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Where to Travel This Year ?

No matter who you may be or what you may be looking for in your next traveling adventure, Armenia can be exactly what you need!  This is not an exaggeration or a marketing play, it’s simply the truth.

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Charles Aznavour: Pan Armenian

He was born in 1924 in Paris to Armenian immigrant parents and became one of France’s most popular singers, was recognized as the most outstanding performer of the century and is arguably one of the most famous Armenians of his time.

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In a world with 7,6 billion people (according to the calculation of Worldometers), a nation with a land area of 28,470 Km2 gave the world 100 people who changed the life of not only their nation but the life of the whole world

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Lavash; The king of the Armenian breads

“Lavash is a food; Lavash is a fork; Lavash is napkin; Armenians eat Lavash, hold the meat with Lavash and wrap it.”

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5 Reasons Why Choose Armenia

A country that can trace its roots this far back certainly has some history behind it, and when it comes to Armenia “some” history is quite the understatement.

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One of the most ancient cities in the world

Armenia has a long history of being tossed around by the various powers vying to control the Caucasus region: the Romans, the Persians, the Mongols, and at times, periods of independence

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