Republic Square


icon-map4 Republic Square, RA, Yerevan

The other architectural pride of Armenia is the Republic Square located in the heart of Yerevan. It has an oval shape and includes several buildings which have white and pink shades. The architect of the square was famous Armenian Aleksandr Tamanyan (1920-1950).

The square includes five buildings;

  • The Government House,
  • the National Gallery and History Museum,
  • the Ministry of Communications and Transport,
  • the Post Office Building
  • Armenia Marriot Hotel.

The first building is the Government house; the architect of which was Aleksandr Tamanyan. The central building is home to the National Gallery and History Museum. Aleksandr Tamanyan designed only the first floor of the building which is the History Museum. The exhibitions of prehistoric and Asiatic artifacts are considered to be one of the best collections in the world.

Then the other floors were added to this building. The second floor of the building is the National Gallery which is home to artworks of Armenian, Russian and European artists and famous painters. In front of the museums are Singing Fountains which are set to music and change their design or color according to playing music. All the important concerts and shows take place in this wonderful square.

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