Republic Square of Armenia


icon-map4 Republic Square, RA, Yerevan

The other architectural pride of Armenia is the Republic Square located in the heart of Yerevan. The square was designed by famous Armenian architect Alexander Tamanyan (1978-1936).

It is divided into two sections: an oval-shaped section in the centre and a section containing the musical fountains. 

The square is surrounded by five buildings:

All the buildings surrounding the square represent unique pieces of architecture. The buildings designed with arches, columns and national ornaments are mainly built of pink and yellow tuff stones and create an admirable architectural ensemble.

History of Republic Square 

According to Tamanyan’s design, the construction of the square began with the building of the Government House in 1926. All the buildings of the square were completed in the 1950s, except for the National Gallery building, which was completed in 1977. In Soviet times, the Republic Square was named after Lenin and his monument was erected there in 1940 and dismantled in 1991, prior to the independence of Armenia.

Drinking and Singing Fountains

The visiting card of the Republic square is the singing fountains, which were renovated by the French company Aquatique Show International for 1.4 million euros in 2007.

The singing fountains are turned on every year at the end of March and create festive evenings for both locals and tourists. 

Yerevan is also famous for its drinking fountains. The drinking fountain of the Square was built in 1965. It consists of seven small fountains and is called “Yot Ahpyur” which means "Seven Springs" in Armenian.

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