Republic Square of Armenia


icon-map4 Republic Square, RA, Yerevan

The other architectural pride of Armenia is the Republic Square located in the heart of Yerevan.  The architect of the square was famous Armenian Aleksandr Tamanyan (1920-1950).

It has an oval shape and includes several buildings that have white and pink shades.

The square includes five buildings;

  • The Government House,
  • the National Gallery and History Museum,
  • the Ministry of Communications and Transport,
  • the Post Office Building
  • Armenia Marriot Hotel.

The architecture of all the buildings is indescribably beautiful. Do not pass by. Carefully examine the walls of all buildings. Seeing the most beautiful carved patterns, you certainly wonder how this is possible.

History of Republic Square 

According to the model of architect Tamanyan, the construction of the square began with the Government Building in 1926. Until the 1950s, all 5 buildings were designed, and in 1977, designed the National Gallery; the last building of the square. In Soviet times, the Republic Square was named after Lenin, his monument was erected in 1940 and dismantled in 1991, prior to the independence of Armenia.

Drinking and Singing Fountains

The visiting card of the Republic’s square is the singing fountains. In 2007, the French company Aquatique Show International renovated for 1.4 million euros. After that, the fountains became singers. Each year, at the end of March, they turn on them on, creating nice evenings for both locals and tourists. 

Drinking fountains were built in 1965. The construction consists of seven small fountains, that's why it is called Yot Ahpyur ("Seven Springs").

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