Tsaghkadzor is only 50 kilometers north of the capital Yerevan in the Kotayk Province. A popular resort in Armenia, it has plenty to offer seekers of peace and relaxation. The town is at a height of 1841 meters above sea level. It is on the slopes of Mount Teghenis and is surrounded by the Tsaghkunyats mountain chain from the west. Summers in Tsaghkadzor are mild, while winters are cold and snowy.

In Armenian Tsaghkadzor means “the gorge of flowers”, which is associated with the name of the nearby Tsaghkunyats Mountains ( tsaghkunyats - “of flowers”). Originally it was named Tsaghkunyats Dzor in the 3rd century. Later its name was changed several times until in 1947 it was renamed Tsaghkadzor and in 1958, got the status of an urban-type settlement.

It is the most visited destination not only for Armenians but also tourists from all over the world. The climate of the town allows enjoying both snowy winters and refreshing summers. The place is ideal for winter sports lovers.

Every year thousands of professional sportsmen, as well as amateurs, visit this small city full of people from different parts of the world, especially in winter. Here you can find many comfortable and luxurious hotels, resort houses, cottages, restaurants, and amusement facilities․

Sights of Tsaghkadzor

The most famous place in Tsakhkadzor is the Kecharis Monastery, which is one of the best-preserved examples of the 11th-century Armenian architecture. At night, when the lights of the church are on, it looks especially mysterious and beautiful.  Kecharis is visible from the ski slopes as well. 

Tourism is highly developed in the “gorge of flowers”. It is well-known as an international center for tourism and skiing, which has got a modern ropeway with four stations and more than a dozen tracks. The famous ski resort is located above the town, at a height of 1750 meters above sea level. Initially, there were 3 lifts stretching from the mountains foot (1969 meters) till the peak (2819 meters high).

In 2006 the 4th lift was added, stretching from the end of the first stage towards an opposite hilltop. Besides the lifts, the resort offers skis and snowboards for rent and professional skiing instructors. The skiing season in Tsaghkadzor starts in December and finishes in March.

Tsaghkadzor is the second city with the largest number of hotels after Yerevan. Among the famous hotels of the city are the Marriott Tsaghkadzor Hotel, Multi Rest House Hotel, Golden Palace Resort and Spa, Ararat Resort Tsaghkadzor, Best Western Alva Hotel and Spa, and the Tsaghkadzor General Sports Complex Hotel.

In 2015 the city hosted the FIDE World Team Chess Championship. "The best sports family" annual competition is held in the Olympic Complex of Tsaghkadzor. Thanks to modern sports facilities and an Olympic swimming pool that meets international standards, the complex is always in the spotlight of the local and foreign athletes.


Kecharis Monastery

Kecharis is medieval monastery complex located in Tsaghkadzor town, Kotayk region. The monastery is the spiritual and cultural center of Kotayk region.

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