iranians-in-armenia May 27, 2019

Iranians in Armenia

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a country in Western Asia with more than 80 million inhabitants.It is one of the four bordering countries of Armenia. Armenians and Iranians share much history, culture, and also political interests. We can proudly say that in recent years more and more tourists visit our country and many of them are Iranians. Armenia is a top destination for them, and there are several reasons for this.

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indians-in-armenia May 23, 2019

Indians In Armenia

 In recent years, Armenia has become home to many Indians. They come to our country with their families. Moreover, some of them set up a successful business here. Armenia seems an excellent option for many Indians as they see it as a democratic country.  But why our country appears so attractive to them? Let's find out!

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armenian-army May 16, 2019

The Armenian Army

The citizens of a country can live in a peaceful environment as long as it has a strong army. Soldiers are the real heroes and the pride of a nation. They are always ready to protect their country and quite often sacrifice their lives for the sake of their countrymen.

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symbols-of-armenia May 09, 2019

The symbols of Armenia 

Symbols are essential to national identity as they represent the pride and values of the country. Armenia is one of the ancient nations and we are proud of many things. Let’s have a look at our national symbols and their significance. In this article, you will know what the colors of the Armenian flag symbolize, why Armenians adore Mount Ararat and much more.

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most-famous-armenian-men May 08, 2019

10 most famous Armenian men

Armenia has given many talented people to the world who are very famous and make our small country proud. As you know, Armenians spread all over the world. That's why the majority of our public figures doesn't live in Armenia. The list is long, but today we will present the 10 Armenian men who are very famous in recent years. So, let's begin!

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rivers-in-armenia May 03, 2019

Rivers in Armenia

Armenia is a mountainous and a rocky country, but it is full of water resources. Rivers occupy nearly 4.7% of the territory of Armenia, but the majority of them are small. They are fed with rain, melting snow, ice, etc. It should be noted that most of the rivers flow into the Araks.

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lakes-in-armenia May 02, 2019

Lakes in Armenia 

Due to geographic location and high mountains, Armenia is rich in water resources. Moreover, the water in Armenia is considered one of the purest and tastiest in the world as it is supplied from natural sources. There are dozens of lakes in our country, but nearly all of them are very small. Unfortunately, we have only one big fresh lake - Sevan. In this article, we are going to list the most popular lakes in Armenia and find out everything about them. Let's go!

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best-parks-in-yerevan April 29, 2019

Best parks in Yerevan

Parks are lovely places that we go when we want to relax or need to be alone. There are many beautiful parks in Yerevan where you can rest and reconnect with nature. Here is the list of the best parks which are located in the capital of the country. We are sure that you will spend a great time in any of those cozy parks. Don't forget to visit them, when you are in our city. Let's start!

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best-mobile-apps-for-traveling-in-armenia April 26, 2019

Best mobile apps for traveling in Armenia

Today we are going to speak about the best apps in Armenia. If you plan to visit Armenia soon, remember these apps and don't forget to install them when you land in our country.

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armenian-genocide April 24, 2019

The Armenian Genocide

They killed not only Armenian people but also destroyed their homes, churches and other historical monuments. Hundreds of thousands of people became homeless and emigrated to other countries forming the Armenian diaspora.

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armenian-fruits April 16, 2019

Armenian Fruits 

Let's list some of the most famous Armenian fruits that are worth trying when you travel to Armenia. The choice is great.

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fast-food-in-armenia-where-to-eat-easy-and-tasty March 27, 2019

Fast food in Armenia. Where to eat easy and tasty

Fast food restaurants are located nearly everywhere and there is no need to spend a large amount of time to wait for our order if we are so hungry.

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