armenian-musical-instruments November 18, 2018

Armenian Musical Instruments

The most important component of the Armenian national music is musical instruments such as duduk, zurna, shvi, dhol, kanon, kamancha that are used by local people. With the help of these musical instruments, Armenian folk music touches the soul of thousands of people.

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colors-of-yerevan-buildings-and-statues-of-pink-city October 22, 2018

Buildings and statues of Yerevan: the Colors of the pink city

Perhaps no feature of Yerevan’s public face is more distinct and memorable than its architecture based on tuff, a volcanic rock native to this region of the world, which can be found in a variety of colors

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armenian-independence-day-in-yerevan-americans-experience October 16, 2018

Armenian Independence Day in Yerevan: An American’s Experience

On September 21 I attended Yerevan’s festivities celebrating the 27th anniversary of Armenia’s independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

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armenian-people-through-the-eyes-of-american-tourist October 11, 2018

The Armenian People Through the Eyes of an American Tourist

The traits I’ve seen again and again are hospitality, helpfulness, and friendliness toward those in need, and curiosity about strangers.

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komitas-the-creator-of-divine-music October 08, 2018

Komitas: The Creator of Divine Music

Komitas is very well known Armenian priest, musicologist, composer, singer, choirmaster. He was the founder of the Armenian national school of music. His real name was Soghomon Soghomonyan.

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map-of-armenia-beautiful-girl October 04, 2018

Map of Armenia: Beautiful Girl

In the South Caucasus region of Eurasia, there is a beautiful country called Armenia which has very little area. There are ten provinces in Armenia which are Aragatsotn, Ararat, Armavir, Gegharkunik, Kotayk, Lori, Shirak, Syunik, Tavush, and Vayots Dzor.

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armenian-national-flag September 28, 2018

Armenian Flag

Armenian national flag in other words Armenian Tricolour has three horizontal bands. These bands have equal width. The colors from top to bottom are red, blue, orange.

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american-on-the-way-to-discover-armenian-culture September 26, 2018

American on the Way to Discover Armenian Culture

Now, having had a taste of Armenia’s modern and ancient cultures, I decided to make the country my destination for my first long trip abroad.

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religion-in-armenia September 25, 2018

Religion in Armenia

Armenia became the first Christian country when in 301 AD St. Gregory the Illuminator convinced the king of Armenia Tiridates the Great to adopt Christianity as a state religion. 

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the-most-popular-festivals-in-armenia September 20, 2018

The Most Popular Festivals in Armenia

In this article, we discuss some interesting Armenian festivals such as Easter, Vardavar (Jrotsi), Taraz festival, Dolma festival, Honey and Berry Festival. These festivals are an inseparable part of Armenian culture.

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armenian-nights-in-and-outside-of-yerevan September 17, 2018

Armenian Nights In and Outside of Yerevan

If you are in Armenia and don’t know where to go at nights this article may be your guide and help you to have unforgettable nights in Armenia. You may have a walk in Yerevan, go to pubs and clubs, to Byurakan Observatory or to Armenian forests.

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byurakan-observatory-observe-the-wonders-of-the-universe September 12, 2018

Byurakan Observatory: Observe the Wonders of the Universe

Viktor Hambardzumyan decided to build Byurakan Observatory at the end of late 1945. There, more than 1000 flare starts, several dozens of Supernovae, and hundreds of galaxies were discovered.

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