is-armenia-safe-to-travel July 09, 2018

Is Armenia safe to travel ? Of course, YES

Safety is your biggest concern when you visit any foreign country. If you have been in Armenia before, then you already know the welcoming feeling of being here. The locals are quick to help you if you seem to be confused or lost. You will experience their helpful nature by opening a map while standing on a street corner.

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facts-about-armenian-culture July 02, 2018

Top facts about Armenian culture you must know

You can't help but notice the differences that set Armenians apart from many other ethnic groups. Let us take a closer look at these elements that make up the Armenian spirit.

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national-center-of-aesthetics June 25, 2018

National Center of Aesthetics. Armenian has always had a hand in art.

Would you believe that right here in Armenia, was the birth of an avant-garde classification of art? This is a class of aesthetic art that is pure, without regard to tradition or convention. This is the children's interpretation of the world before they have been told what it should look like.

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most-popular-armenians-worldwide June 16, 2018

10 most popular Armenians today

Sometimes only one person can change our lives. No matter bad or good, that’s another question. We can love someone and try to be like him or her. There are people who change a history.

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armenian-national-clothes-taraz June 15, 2018

Armenian National dress - TARAZ

Possibly you are wondering: What does "taraz" mean? Well, according to an Armenian dictionary, taraz has many meanings. We are going to use all of those words to describe the traditional national dress of Armenia, or taraz.

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armenian-national-currency June 08, 2018

Dram. The national currency of Armenia

Now Armenia has its own national currency to identify with a feeling of independence from the Soviet Union and all previous occupying forces.

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shoping-in-yerevan June 06, 2018

Shopping in Yerevan, Armenia

What do we always buy for our friends from our traveling? Yes, you’re right, souvenirs. Armenia is a real museum for gifts.

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armenia-facts-and-figures June 05, 2018

31 interesting facts about Armenia that you might know

The following facts will help you visualize Armenia's vibrant past and present. What makes Armenia stand out above other places? Why does this small nation have such persistent pride? How has this country made such a great contribution to the world around it? Who are the Armenian people and where do they come from? Let us start from the beginning:

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what-to-eat-in-artsakh June 01, 2018

What to eat and drink in Artsakh. Discover a taste of paradise

You will never forget the wonderful tasting foods and wines of Artsakh. What makes them different from other regions?

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10-things-you-must-know-before-traveling-to-Armenia May 25, 2018

10 Things you must know before traveling to Armenia

When you travel to Armenia you will discover a hidden treasure. The history, people, and way of life make Armenia stand out from anywhere else you've visited. It offers everything from a relaxed atmosphere to extreme adventure destinations.  This helpful guide will better prepare you for your journey of discovery.

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things-to-do-in-tsaghkadzor May 24, 2018

What to see and to do in Tsaghkadzor

If you’ve already in Armenia and like to spend your leisure time in nature, breathe some fresh air and see beautiful places, Tsakhkadzor is always a good idea for you and your friends.

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how-travel-armenia-cheap May 21, 2018

How to travel Armenia cheap: Insider's tips and tricks

Do you want to travel cheap, have a great time full of joy and unforgettable memories, see many wonderful places, and taste national cuisine?

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