Shopping Malls in Yerevan

Shopping Malls in Yerevan

July 24, 2019

If you happen to appear in Armenia you cannot escape from visiting shopping malls. Armenians like shopping. As a consumer, Armenians are eager to be able to choose between several products. We don’t have a habit of buying, for example, two shirts at once. We choose the better one.  

We - Armenians are also price-sensitive. We may joke that “there is no money” (փող չկա - pogh chka), but we’ll always find money to buy whatever we want. People can even make a long journey from regions to the capital in order to make some purchases. Perhaps, a question aroused in your mind: but why do they have to? This may sound strange but the main and the best shopping malls are located in Yerevan.

Let’s find out what are these shopping malls in Yerevan that make people take a long way.

Shopping Mall in Yerevan #1 Dalma Garden Mall

Dalma Garden Mall is the first shopping mall in Armenia, founded in 2012. This is a universal and multifunctional center situated in Tsitsernakaberd highway. Dalma Garden Mall shop list introduces a large number of stores. It includes 116 separate brand stores. Among them, there are both Armenian and foreign brands.

Dalma Garden Mall

Besides stores, Dalma Mall includes some cafes, supermarkets, food courts, multiplex cinemas, a gold store, a children's playground, and an entertainment center. Surely, you can find your rest here. And it doesn’t matter whether you relax by doing shopping, watching a movie, drinking a cup of coffee, or doing various entertaining activities.

Dalma Mall Yerevan is a two-storied building that occupies a territory of 50.000 square meters. It has also a huge parking area for 700 cars.           

Shopping Mall in Yerevan #2 Yerevan Mall 

Yerevan mall is opened in 2014, located in Arshakunyats Avenue. This mall is one of the main promoters of Yerevan shopping. The center welcomes thousands of daily visitors.

This shopping center presents the stores of more than 150 brands. This is the place where you can find the largest Zara store in the region. The only Mango Men store and also the only Carrefour hypermarket in Armenia are situated in the Yerevan mall.

Yerevan Mall

Like Dalma, Yerevan mall is also a universal place. There you can find not only stores but also cafes, a food court, an entertainment center, movie theatre. By the way, the largest indoor entertainment center in Armenia is the Captain Kid’s Treasure Island in Yerevan mall.

If Dalma is the first shopping center in Yerevan, then Yerevan mall is the largest one in terms of the number of stores and the total floor area. The mall covers 59.000 square meters of area. 

Shopping Mall in Yerevan #3 Rio Mall

Rio mall is established in 2017. In a short time, this shopping center has become one of the favorite places in Yerevan. It is situated in Papazyan Street.

Rio Mall

This center provides all the conditions both for shopping and leisure. Here you’ll find world-famous brand stores, enjoyable entertainment centers, food courts, cinema, and an exceptional exotic market in Armenia - Zoolandia.    

Shopping Mall in Yerevan #4 Rossia Mall

There is a 7 level building right at the center of Yerevan. It is the Rossia mall that requires 300 meters of walking distance from the Republic Square.

Rossia Mall

Photo Credits: Kamo Blog

As the majority of shopping malls in Yerevan, Rossia mall also offers to combine your shopping with leisure. 

Shopping Mall in Yerevan #5 Metronome Shopping Center

Armenians like to properly use every small piece of land. On the crossroad of Isahakyan and Abovyan streets, on the underground, Metronome shopping center is located.

This is a 2 level shopping center where the A and B levels are interconnected by escalators. Here you may find some world-famous foreign brand stores, as well as Armenian national brands. And you can also enjoy a cup of coffee in the Metronome cafe.

Metronome Shopping Center

The main advantage of the Metronome store is that it is situated in a very busy place. People are always rushing somewhere through this shopping center. For example, you may cross the road through a bookstore.

If you are in Armenia or plan to visit, pass through this “crossroad”. Here you can find an Armenian gift store where there is a wide variety of Armenian souvenirs you may take with you.  

Shopping Mall in Yerevan #6 Tashir Street Shopping Gallery

Like the Metronome shopping center, the Tashir street shopping gallery is also an underground store. This shopping center is situated at the heart of the city, right under the Northern Avenue

This is a street called Tashir - the main pedestrian street in Yerevan. There are many shops, entertainment places, cafes on both sides of the street.  

Tashir Street Shopping Gallery

However, if you are in Yerevan and still don’t interested in visiting large shopping centers, you may satisfy with Yerevan markets. There are various shops, small boutiques in every step. The most interesting fact is that you may meet a line of shops all specialized in the same sphere. For example, three wedding salons located next to each other isn’t a surprising view. We may even joke that there is an Armenia shopping center in the world.  

And whenever you enter any shop, the shop assistant persuades you that the food is fresh, or the clothes are made right for you. Of course, the price is the lowest in that very shop. 

And so, Have A Nice Shopping In Yerevan!

Vera Mirzoyan

Published July 24, 2019
Article by Vera Mirzoyan

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