armenian-genocide-films August 07, 2019

The Armenian Genocide Films

Films are a great source of information aimed at increasing people’s awareness of specific topics or events. Many films have been shot which reflect the Armenian national identity. There are also many films on the Armenian Genocide.

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noyan-tapan August 07, 2019

Noyan Tapan - The Magic Name

If you have ever been to Armenia you have surely heard the name “Noyan Tapan”. You may have even been surprised by how much that name is used. But what does “Noyan Tapan” mean and why is it used so often? Let’s find out.

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arthur-meschyan August 06, 2019

Arthur Meschian - Architect, Musician, And A Good Citizen

Arthur Meschian is a famous architect, musician, poet, singer, composer, and painter. Probably, it’s enough to say he is an Armenian. Let's discover more about the life, career, and success of the gifted Armenian.

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armenian-mountains August 06, 2019

The Armenian Mountains

I won’t surprise you if I say that Armenia is a mountainous country. When I say Armenia you should imagine a small yet picturesque and valuable mountain in our great world. The Armenian Highland is covered by mountains of different heights and unique fauna and flora.

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tumo-center August 02, 2019

TUMO Center

Are you interested in the current development of technological devices and trends of Informational technologies? In the world going on an online global motion, Armenia couldn’t stay passive. If there is a development, Armenians should stay at the cutting edge. TUMO is free of charge digital media learning center in Armenia. This is one of the Armenian approaches to go along with the worldwide digital motion. The center aimed to increase the level of creative Armenia due to the educational experience. The TUMO Center Armenia was founded by Sam and Sylva Simonians who wholly fund the educational program with the help of Simonian Educational Foundation.

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armenian-poetry August 02, 2019

Armenian poetry

Poetry has always been a way of self-expression. The Armenian poetry collection is full of writings related to various spheres. Especially if you know Armenian and read the original versions of the Armenian poems you get its real influence. Sometimes the original Armenian words aren’t possible to translate keeping the exact meaning. However, translations are usually enough to deliver the message of the content.

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trndez August 01, 2019


Trndez is a Christian holiday. It’s a feast of the purification of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Armenian Catholic Churches. The history of Trndez goes back to pagan times. This is a pagan origin holiday.All are related to the worship of sun and fire in pre-Christian Armenia. Initially, Trndez symbolized the coming of spring and fertility. People used to celebrate the holiday in the name of Tir who was the god of science and scholars and in the name of Vahagn who was the god of fire and sun (Take into consideration that before becoming the first Christian country Armenia was a polytheistic country).

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entertainment-places-in-yerevan August 01, 2019

Entertainment Places in Yerevan

Have you already stepped foot in Yerevan? If yes, then you, surely, know about the most famous Yerevan tourist attractions. Probably, you have already visited Republic Square Armenia, Yerevan Opera House, Yerevan Cascade, The Swan Lake, The Northern Avenue, etc. However, as a tourist, you may be eager to familiarize with the entertainment places, have fun and enjoy your stay in the capital city. As a newcomer, you may be unfamiliar with the most lovely entertainment places in Yerevan. 

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the-hidden-churches-of-armenia August 01, 2019

The Hidden Churches of Armenia

You may visit Armenian churches in Armenia and in other parts of the world as well. If you happen to be in Armenia, probably you have already visited Echmiadzin which is the main and the most important center of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Saint Hripsime church which is also situated in Echmiadzin, is one of the oldest Christian churches in Armenia. Other well-known and most visited churches in Armenia are Geghard, Khor Virap, Saghmosavank, Sevanavank, Tatev, and many more. However, today we’ll discover some of the hidden churches of Armenia. These cultural heritages are more attractive and extraordinary.

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village-life-in-armenia August 01, 2019

Village Life in Armenia

The villagers in Armenia are very hard working. They wake up early in the morning and try to do as much work as possible. These people are mainly busy with agricultural issues. They wake up at 5-6 o'clock after midnight and do their daily farm activities. Animal husbandry is one of the main activities people in rural places are busy with. They grow domestic animals, such as cows, sheep, goats, pigs, various birds. One of the reasons to wake up early is to feed the animals and take them to the fields.     

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best-cafes-in-yerevan July 29, 2019

Best Cafes in Yerevan

Every place you visit have some influence on you that’s why we prefer to go to those countries, cities, and sites that are fitting to our taste and character. Let me appreciate your choice about coming to Armenia. However, if you aren’t sure about your trip to Armenia let me help you. We may discover Armenia together, find entertainment places, plan your travel, explore the hidden destinations, known and unknown areas, and whatever you are interested in.

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hotels-in-nagorno-karabakh July 29, 2019

Hotels in Artsakh

Whenever you travel to a country you should be ready for some kind of nuance for you: a new environment, culture, behavior, and many more factors. To travel to an attractive country where you get a chance to explore many interesting places is an excellent opportunity if you are fond of discovering the world. However, finding a comfortable residence for your stay is never less important.

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