Things To Do in Dilijan

Things To Do in Dilijan

July 03, 2019

On the bank of the Aghstev river, the Dilijan city is located surrounded by the mountains. This is one of the main towns in the Tavush Province. There are various places of interest in Dilijan Tavush and also in the area around, that the city has become one of the hotspots for tourists.

If you plan a vacation and want to visit peaceful places, then you are highly recommended to arrive at Dilijan, Armenia. But before going somewhere you need to know some information about the place. And here we are. 

Things to do in Dilijan?

Let’s discover the best of Dilijan together.

#1 Dilijan National Park

The Dilijan National Park is one of the four national parks in Armenia. The park was established in 2002. Due to the rich forest area, the park is known for its unique fauna and flora. 

The flora of this national park includes 902 species of exclusive plants. 29 of these species are included in the Red Book of The Endangered Species in Armenia, and 4 species in the Red Data Book of the USSR as well. Due to the rich flora of the area, Dilijan has got the nickname “Little Switzerland”.

Dilijan National Park

The fauna is also rich in the Dilijan National Park. This area plays an essential role in the preservation of the Armenian forest landscape and biodiversity. Besides, it includes some historical and cultural monuments in its territory, including Haghartsin, Goshavank, Matosavank, Aghavnavank, and Jukhtakavank. Below we’ll discuss some of these monuments.   

#2 Haghartsin Monastery

This is a monastery built in the 11-13th centuries. The name of the church “Haghartsin” means “a game of an eagle”. It comes from the words “hagh” which means “a game” in the Tavush dialect, and “artsin” is used as “artsiv” which means “an eagle”. 

Haghartsin Monastery

The monastic complex gained its name because of its location. The church is situated at the peak of high mountains and there are eagles all around.

Here you appear in a vast territory where many churches, chapels are located. This vast area is occupied by St Gregory, St Astvatsatsin, and St Stepanos churches, some chapels, and premises.   

#3 The Lake Parz

Parz Lake is one of the most attractive places in Armenia. This lake is formed by natural climatic changes. The name of the lake “parz” is the Armenian equivalent of the word “clear”. The lake gained its name due to its clear water. 

This pure water comes from the Armenian high mountains. The lake is surrounded by thick forests. The reflection of the green nature gives a light green color to the lake water. As a result, you enjoy a breathtaking view.

The Lake Parz

You may also find some entertainment in Lake Parz. There are boats in the lake you can take, and also zip line just above the lake.

This lake is a must-go place in Dilijan. However, don’t forget to take your camera with you cause you are going to experience something magical. Yet, the weather doesn’t matter. The lake is attractive in every season.  

#4 Goshavank Monastery

Goshavank is a 12-13th-century monastery. It was named Goshavank to honor Mkhitar Gosh - an Armenian scholar, writer, priest, public figure, and a great thinker. The statue of Gosh is situated in front of the monastery.

This monastery is considered to be a bright example of the Armenian church architecture. The first church that was built in the complex was ST Astvatsatsin. Besides, there are also St Gregory Church, St Grigor Lusavorich Church, and several chapels. 

Goshavank Monastery

During the medieval period, the church was an educational center where the students studied various subjects.  

#5 Dilijan International College

The city is well-known not only for its monuments but also for the Dilijan International school. This is a global educational movement that aims at uniting people. Dilijan school is one of the seventeen UWC schools represented in about 150 countries.  

Dilijan International College

The most essential advantage of Dilijan International College is to develop international and intercultural understanding. This school is also situated at the center of magical nature.  

#6 Nature of Dilijan

Even if there were nothing in Dilijan: no churches, monuments, architectural structures, and similar historical or cultural buildings, Dilijan would still deserve to be visited.

Things to do in Dilijan

The nature of the city is enough to provide a perfect rest. The city is full of green trees and oxygen. The air is fresh and cool. You may plan a tour to discover the thick forests and take the pleasure of how magical nature may be.

Hotels And Restaurants in Dilijan

There are many restaurants and hotels in Dilijan, Armenia. The Dilijan restaurants serve delicious dishes of Armenian cuisine. You may even find some unique dishes typical to the Tavush region.

As for hotels, you may enjoy your stay and have perfect rest near mother nature. Some of the bests are the Hotel Dilijan Resort and the Tufenkian Hotel in Dilijan.     

To Sum Up

Surely, you are looking forward to arriving at this magic land. Dilijan is a great adventure and you deserve to make it. You are more than welcome to the “Little Switzerland” in Armenia.

Vera Mirzoyan

Published July 3, 2019
Article by Vera Mirzoyan

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