armenian-landscape November 21, 2019

Armenian Landscape

Armenia never stops surprising. The beautiful landscapes that follow you everywhere in the country are considered to be Armenian physical features of state history and nature.

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international-organizations-in-armenia November 18, 2019

International organizations in Armenia

Armenia gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Since then, it became a member of more than 40 international organizations.

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sasuntsi-davit-epos November 13, 2019

​​Sasuntsi Davit Epos

One of the most recognized Armenian legends is Sasuntsi Davit epos or the epic of David of Sassoun. This is an Armenian national epic which is based on folklore.

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hidden-destinations-in-armenia November 04, 2019

Hidden Destinations in Armenia

Armenia is a small but fascinating land. It is a hidden destination for many people in the world. Yet, Armenia is full of hidden destinations inside.

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interesting-things-to-do-in-natchez-trace October 14, 2019

Interesting Things to Do in Natchez Trace

Interesting Things to Do in Natchez Trace

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travel-to-the-usa-during-the-travel-ban September 28, 2019

Can You Travel to the USA With ESTA During the Travel Ban?

Ever since it was first introduced back in 1986, the Visa Waiver Program has allowed thousands, if not millions, of people from friendly nations to visit the United States visa-free.

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free-wifi-in-yerevan September 23, 2019

Free WiFi in Yerevan

One of the most tourist-friendly features of our country is free wifi access in all major cities and famous places. It can be found in public places like airports, coffee shops, malls, restaurants, hotels, etc.

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the-independence-day-of-armenia September 20, 2019

The Independence Day of Armenia

Armenia, being one of the most ancient nations in the world, has always fought for its independence. Our country had both painful defeats and glorious victories throughout its history. September 21, 1991, is one of the most remarkable days in our history.

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ecotourism-in-armenia September 12, 2019

Ecotourism in Armenia

As the Armenians use to say “it’s better to see once than to hear thousands of times.” Maybe Armenians accept this proverb because there is much to see in Armenia: cultural and historical places, monuments and statues, the magic of nature, wildlife, and so on. 

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taxi-in-armenia September 11, 2019

Taxi in Armenia

Taking a taxi in Armenia, you may experience a unique cultural behavior. Before passing to the features of that culture, let’s check out something more important.

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top-places-to-visit-in-yerevan-for-art-lovers September 04, 2019

Top Places to Visit in Yerevan for Art Lovers 

The art plays an important role in shaping the identity of this city and its people. Yerevan is a traditional capital, where you’ll find pieces of art even in the streets. If you are an art lover and you have already made that great decision to explore the art in Yerevan, then you are in the right place. 

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armenian-football September 02, 2019

Armenian Football

Armenians are fond of sports. One of the most famous Armenian sports is football. Here people play football regardless of their age and specialty. You may find football pitches in the parks, yards, and wherever else they find a free space to build it. The football pitches are an obligatory part of the schools as well.

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