mesrop-mashtots-the-creator-of-the-armenian-alphabet August 27, 2019

Mesrop Mashtots - The Creator of The Armenian Alphabet

Mesrop Mashtots took the responsibility of creating the Armenian script on his shoulders. Mashtots had a mission to translate all the religious materials into Armenian, to found develop the Armenian literature, to save the nation from assimilation, and to preserve the Armenian ethnicity.

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chinese-restaurants-in-yerevan August 26, 2019

Chinese Restaurants in Yerevan 

As of today, there are five Chinese restaurants in Yerevan which offer nearly all of these dishes. Let's get acquainted with them and talk about the peculiarities of Chinese restaurants in our city.

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waterfalls-in-armenia August 23, 2019

Waterfalls in Armenia

Due to its numerous natural attractions, Armenia has much to offer both local and foreign tourists. There are many high mountains, deep gorges and turbulent mountain rivers in our country, so cascading waterfalls can be found in almost every part of Armenia.

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the-armenian-stonehenge-zorac-karer August 23, 2019

The Armenian Stonehenge - Zorac Karer

The Armenian Stonehenge is an ancient observatory built in the Syunik province not far from the city of Sisian. Perhaps this is one of the old stone observatories( if not the oldest, among the ancient observatories). This Armenian monument is a prehistoric archeological site located on a mountain plateau.  

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gambler-kirk-kerkorian August 21, 2019

The Gambler - Kirk Kerkorian

Kirk Kerkorian (real name: Grigor Grigoryan) is an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist of Armenian descent. He was born in 1917 in Fresno where his family had found a refuge surviving from the Armenian genocide. Kirk was the youngest among the four sons in the family.

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sardarapat-memorial-complex August 19, 2019

"Sardarapat" Memorial Complex

There are many ways to commemorate a person or a significant event. One can dedicate a song to someone he/she loves, preserve photos in a scrapbook, or create memorials to honor a famous person or a historical event that happened.

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amberd-fortress August 19, 2019

Amberd Fortress

Armenia is not only well-known for its churches and monasteries but also for its fortresses and castles. These buildings which, as a rule, are situated at the high hills of the Armenian mountains, compose an important part of the Armenian cultural and historical heritage.

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childrens-railway August 12, 2019

Yerevan Children's Railway

If you want to have a step back in the time there is a nice place for you to visit in Yerevan Armenia. It’s the Yerevan Children's Railway founded in 1937. It’s a narrow-gauge railroad loop which passes through the Hrazdan gorge.

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armenian-ethnicity August 08, 2019

The Armenian Ethnicity

Armenians are the native ethnic group of the Armenian Highland. The Armenian ethnicity is an important topic for all of them who are interested in the origin and history of this ancient country and nation. If you are among these curious ones then you are at the right place. Come on!

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armenian-genocide-films August 07, 2019

The Armenian Genocide Films

Films are a great source of information aimed at increasing people’s awareness of specific topics or events. Many films have been shot which reflect the Armenian national identity. There are also many films on the Armenian Genocide.

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noyan-tapan August 07, 2019

Noyan Tapan - The Magic Name

If you have ever been to Armenia you have surely heard the name “Noyan Tapan”. You may have even been surprised by how much that name is used. But what does “Noyan Tapan” mean and why is it used so often? Let’s find out.

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arthur-meschyan August 06, 2019

Arthur Meschian - Architect, Musician, And A Good Citizen

Arthur Meschian is a famous architect, musician, poet, singer, composer, and painter. Probably, it’s enough to say he is an Armenian. Let's discover more about the life, career, and success of the gifted Armenian.

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