Interesting Things to Do in Natchez Trace

Interesting Things to Do in Natchez Trace

October 14, 2019

The small town of Natchez, located in southwestern Mississippi, established in 1716, was part of the essential port on the Mississippi River in the heydey of the cotton trade. As a result, the town possesses several historic and beautiful, important antebellum-era estates and mansions, proving the value of the upper classes in the past. Many of these structures are used as tourist attractions.

Natchez's pathway's historic downtown center is interesting to explore on foot and is where the town's best places and shops to visit are located. It is at the same time the place you eat, starting from the cafe and fine-dining experiences to simple home-cooking restaurants. You can watch a show in the state's oldest community theatre, which is the Natchez Little Theatre or visit live music concerts, normally hosted in partnership with a restaurant, at night. People on a limited travel budget will also be pleased to be aware that there are several activities to do in Natchez, ranging from visiting historic graveyards to checking out fascinating old churches.

The Natchez Trace is a seven hundred and fifteen-kilometer national parkway that starts from Nashville to the small town of Natchez in Mississippi. The road has been utilized since the pre-colonial periods and includes overlooks, sites of historical interest, extraordinary views, nature exhibits, Indian burial mounds, and hiking trails. No public vehicles are permitted on the highway, making the road a relaxing journey from the Southeast. Even though it has an impressive length, the average width is only about two hundred and forty meters.

Fun Things to Do in Natchez MS

1. Outdoor Activities

Natchez-Vidalia Bridge: This a fascinating cantilever bridge that links two states and offers a scenic ride across the Mississippi River. It allows people to have an excellent view of the sunset from the tallest bridge in Mississippi.

Hiking in the Mississippi Petrified ForestGrand Village of the Natchez: Visit the three ceremonial mounds present in the Grand Village of Natchez to discover their unique history. In the seventeenth century, this village signifies the religious and political capital for the Natchez Indians.

Natchez Trace Parkway: Thus, the winding road of 444-mile starts from Natchez to Nashville, TN.

2.   Historical Home Tours

Melrose Mansion: This colonial-designed home is one of the most well-maintained milestones in Natchez, MS. Melrose mansion was built in 1845 and offered a close-up view of the antebellum south.

Rosalie Mansion: This mansion was built in 1823, is a Greek Revival-style architecture that explains home in the south. The mansion represents the Union Army Headquarters during the Civil war.

Longwood Mansion: This is one of the most iconic places to visit in Natchez. This manor is normally referred to as the crown jewel of historic homes. The mansion can be visited seven days a per week, starting from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

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Things to See on Natchez Trace

●    Mount Locust- Milepost 15.5
●    Southern Terminus- Milepost 0
●    The Sunken Trace- Milepost 41.5
●    Boyd Site- Milepost 106.9
●    Emerald Mound- 10.3

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Guide to the Natchez Trace Parkway

With the help of the Natchez Trace Parkway guide written by F. Lynne Bachleda, you can visit several places on the routes or its whole length, and you will not miss any interesting places along the way. The 114 potential Milepost stops are divided into categories to pick the places you find fascinating. In addition, with information starting from parkway rules and excellent safety practices to tips on when to travel, this guidebook is important in planning the perfect visit for your whole family, yourself, or friends. Those who are interested in experiencing the terrain on horseback, foot, or bicycle will appreciate the practical details and advice on trail locations.

Natchez MS Visitor Center

The visitor center is located at the head of the Mississippi River Bridge, where Hwy. 84 carries visitors in and out of Louisiana. The Natchez visitor center is home to:

●    National park service
●    Natchez shop
●    Visit Mississippi
●    Natchez Pilgrimage Tours
●    Natchez Tricentennial Office

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