armenian-nights-in-and-outside-of-yerevan September 17, 2018

Armenian Nights In and Outside of Yerevan

If you are in Armenia and don’t know where to go at nights this article may be your guide and help you to have unforgettable nights in Armenia. You may have a walk in Yerevan, go to pubs and clubs, to Byurakan Observatory or to Armenian forests.

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byurakan-observatory-observe-the-wonders-of-the-universe September 12, 2018

Byurakan Observatory: Observe the Wonders of the Universe

Viktor Hambardzumyan decided to build Byurakan Observatory at the end of late 1945. There, more than 1000 flare starts, several dozens of Supernovae, and hundreds of galaxies were discovered.

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unesco-world-heritage-sites-in-armenia September 10, 2018

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Armenia

UNESCO preserves 1073 World Heritage sites in 167 countries.  Among those 167 countries, Armenia has its own place with the historical sites.

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armenian-popular-phrases-what-you-should-know September 02, 2018

Armenian Popular Phrases - What You Should Know

Very often people say it’s hard to learn the Armenian language. We want to break this stereotype by teaching you basics of the language.

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mysterious-bird-cave-the-oldest-winery-and-shoe August 28, 2018

Mysterious "Bird Cave": the oldest winery and shoe

The oldest leather shoe and the oldest winery were found in Areni-1 cave (Bird Cave). The winery was 6100-year-old and the leather shoe 5500-year-old.

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uwc-dilijan-the-citizens-of-tomorrow August 23, 2018

UWC Dilijan:The Citizens of Tomorrow

UWC Dilijan is the 14th member of United World Colleges where a group of young and creative students works hard to create a peaceful and sustainable future for the world. It is an educational hub for the citizens of tomorrow.

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the-challenger-of-his-time-sergei-parajanov August 09, 2018

Sergei Parajanov: The Challenger of His Time

Sergei Parajanov is a film director and artist of Armenian descent who brought changes to the world of Soviet cinematography by using his unique cinematic style. His films have a huge effect on the Ukrainian, Armenian and Georgian cinema.

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nightlife-in-yerevan-clubs-and-pubs August 08, 2018

Nightlife in Yerevan: 5+ clubs and pubs

Many tourists visit Yerevan and wonder about the nightlife of the city. In this article, we'll discuss some pubs and clubs popular among locals and tourists where you can enjoy your time while listening to good music and drinking.

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waterfall-trchkan-a-jump-from-the-height August 03, 2018

Waterfall Trchkan: A Jump from the Height

Armenia has a little and rocky area but unbelievably beautiful nature. Trchkan Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Armenia, located on the border between Lori and Shirak regions. If you are in Armenia, don’t forget to visit the Trchkan Waterfall which is beautiful during all four seasons of the year.

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technology-centers-in-armenia July 31, 2018

Technology Centers in Armenia

Since Soviet times Armenia was known for its success in the IT section and was often called “Silicon Valley of the USSR.” Armenians believe that the creative youth is the future of the country. This is why there are many technology centers that provide numerous opportunities for them.

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armenian-national-dances July 26, 2018

Armenian National Dances

Armenian dances are one of the oldest ones in the Caucasus. They reflect the entire story of the country by making one the part of it. Let's have a look on some of them.

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mysterious-swinging-bridge-new-and-old-khndzoresk July 25, 2018

Mysterious Swinging Bridge: New and Old Khndzoresk

Only 30 kilometers from Tatev, a suspension bridge connects old Khndzoresk with new Khndzoresk. As you read on, you will realize that this is not an ordinary bridge nor is it an ordinary village!

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