best-restaurants-in-yerevan July 26, 2019

Best Restaurants in Yerevan

They say that a hungry man is an angry man. I can guarantee you won’t get angry in Armenia, especially in Yerevan. The capital of Armenia is rich in places where you may eat delicious Armenian foods and not only. There are many restaurants in Yerevan where you don’t have any chance but to experience a nice and friendly service and delicious food. As for restaurants, they are a lot in Yerevan.

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armenian-chess-players July 25, 2019

Armenian Chess Players

They say that Armenia dominates the chess world. Probably, this isn’t an exaggeration. Chess which was played in Armenia since the early Middle Ages is highly popular today. However, the Armenian chess gained a world spread recognition in the 1960s when a Soviet Armenian Grandmaster Tigran Petrosyan became a world chess champion.

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aram-khachatryan-life-and-legacy-of-the-talented-composer July 25, 2019

Aram Khachatryan - Life and Legacy of The Talented Composer

He was a Soviet Armenian composer and conductor: one of the leading composer of the Soviet Union. His works are an essential part of the 20th-century music classics. He is highly recognized throughout the world and his compositions are performed worldwide.

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leonid-yengibarov-the-life-of-the-sad-clown July 25, 2019

Leonid Yengibarov - The Life of The Sad Clown

He was an Armenian-Russian clown, actor, and writer born in 1935 in Moscow. Leonid Yengibarov’s (Leonid Yengibaryan) father was an Armenian chef and the mother was a Russian housewife.In his teenage years, Leonid went to the boxing school. He was taking part in amateur bouts. Besides, he was also an enthusiastic football player. Maybe it was his passion for the sport that later led him to enter the Moscow Sports Institute for his Master’s Degree. However, he left the institute just a few months later, because he wasn’t satisfied with the courses.

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weather-in-armenia July 25, 2019

Weather in Armenia

Armenia is located in the subtropical zone of in the ridges of the central part of the Lesser Caucasus. Maybe this is the reason why the weather in Armenia varies a lot. Every region has a unique and typical climate.The subtropical climate is especially common in the southern part of the country, Syunik province (particularly the city Meghri). Due to the weather conditions, this area let people grow some subtropical fruits such as orange, lemon, olive, etc. 

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khash-the-king-of-armenian-winter-table July 24, 2019

Khash - The King of Armenian Winter Table

Are you fond of tasting delicious dishes of various cuisines? Then you’ll surely be satisfied with the Armenian dishes. If you are familiar with some Armenian kitchen recipes you may have some opinion about the Armenian foods. However, if you have ever visited Armenia you have probably eaten Armenian barbeque and Dolma or other important dishes of Armenian cuisine. Of course, the Armenian desserts are an inevitable component of the Armenian table. Yet, this isn’t all. There are many more dishes included in the Armenian cuisine that may arouse your interest and increase your appetite. One of such dishes is the Armenian Khash. 

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shopping-malls-in-yerevan July 24, 2019

Shopping Malls in Yerevan

If you happen to appear in Armenia you cannot escape from visiting shopping malls. Armenians like shopping. As a consumer, Armenians are eager to be able to choose between several products. We don’t have a habit of buying, for example, two shirts at once. We choose the better one. We - Armenians are also price-sensitive. We may joke that “there is no money” (փող չկա - pogh chka), but we’ll always find money to buy whatever we want. People can even make a long journey from regions to the capital in order to make some purchases. Perhaps, a question aroused in your mind: but why do they have to? This may sound strange but the main and the best shopping malls are located in Yerevan.

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ruben-haxverdyan-the-romantic-musician-of-our-times July 24, 2019

Ruben Haxverdyan - The Romantic Musician of Our Times

Armenians are art people. Almost every Armenian is specialized in an art sphere or at least has any talent: writing, singing, playing on any instrument, drawing, painting, designing, etc. There are even some exceptional artists who are talented in many spheres. One of such extraordinary gifted Armenians is Ruben Haxverdyan - the romantic musician of our times.

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mher-mkrtchyan July 10, 2019

Mher Mkrtchyan

Mher Mkrtchyan was an Armenian stage and movie actor who is better known in public by the name Frunzik. He is considered to be one of the most famous Armenians throughout all the time. People regardless of the age distinction, like the movies where Frunzik acts. Probably, Mher Mkrtchyan’s humor was the key to his success.

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levons-divine-underground-cave-museum July 09, 2019

Levon’s Divine Underground Cave museum

Levon’s wife just asked for a potato cellar. Levon dug for 23 years. Do you think that such places are seen only in movies? Me too. There are many many caves all around the world. And I won’t hold the open secret if I tell that caves are mysterious places. However, this cave covers much inside of its walls. It’s a mystic place recommended to visit. Do you want to know more before visiting? Come on!

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hovhannes-tumanyan July 09, 2019

Hovhannes Tumanyan

Every writer is destined to play a significant role in their national literature. However, there are some exceptional writers who shape the face of literature. Hovhannes Tumanyan was one of these unique writers in Armenian poetry. With a good reason, he is a national poet of Armenian.

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armenian-models-in-the-world July 08, 2019

Armenian Models in The World

The Armenian beauty is well-known all over in the world. Armenian ladies are unique by their appearance, charm, and elegance. Perhaps we may include Armenians among the most attractive nationalities. For today, let’s check out some famous Armenian women who are included in the list of the Armenian models in the world.

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