Armenian Nights In and Outside of Yerevan

Armenian Nights In and Outside of Yerevan

September 17, 2018

Armenia is a beautiful country with many interesting places where you can spend both your days and nights. If you are in Armenia and don’t know where to go at nights this article may be your guide and help you to have unforgettable nights in our country.

In Yerevan

If you love long night walks, then Yerevan is a perfect place for that. Yerevan city is full of many beautiful places where you can have an interesting night.

Yerevan City

You can have a walk in the Republic Square which is the architectural treasure of Armenia. It consists of five buildings which are The Government House, the National Gallery and History Museum, the Ministry of Communications and Transport, the Post Office Building and Armenia Marriot Hotel.

Republic Square

In the Republic Square, there are Singing Fountains which have different color and design for each played music. Here, many interesting concerts and shows are often organized.

At the left side of the Republic Square, there is “Northern Avenue.” It is a new street with many modern buildings, shops, cafes, and restaurants. Northern Avenue is one of the most favorite places of locals and tourists.

Northern Avenue

You can also have a nice walk in Azatutyan Square where you will find the building of Opera and Ballet. Opera Theater is another architectural wonder of Yerevan. The building has round shape and is considered as a symbol of music culture.

Opera Theater

Not far away from the Opera theater, there is Cascade Complex. This building has a new architectural design. There are many beautiful statues which have interesting but sometimes very complex meaning. Cascade is also well-known for its external and internal stairs which connects the Victory Park to the center of the city.

Cascade Complex

If you are more “party hard” person, there are many clubs and pubs where you can spend your Yerevan nights. In this article, you can read more about popular clubs and pubs popular among locals and tourists. There are different types of clubs and pubs in Yerevan varying on people’s tastes.

Club in Yerevan

In these clubs, you can enjoy your time on the dance floor while listening to different type of music, and live performances of famous bands. There is also a pub where you can play board games with your friends while having a nice cocktail. In the menus of these clubs and pubs, you will find a great variety of drinks and snacks.

Outside of Yerevan

If you are interested in astrophysics, the universe and everything connected to it, you can visit Byurakan city. There is one of the best observatories of USSR times which is called Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory.

It was founded in 1946 by Soviet Armenian scientist Viktor Hambardzumyan. You may find it interesting that approximately 1000 flare starts, several dozens of Supernovae, and hundreds of galaxies were discovered in Byurakan Observatory.

Byurakan Observatory

In Byurakan Observatory, you will have an opportunity to observe stars, the moon, and different planets. Entrance fee for locals is 1000 AMD and for foreigners 1600 AMD.

If you love camping and nature, you are in the right place. Armenian nature is very beautiful, and Armenians very often go to forests with friends to enjoy their day. If you go to a forest with local people, you can be sure you’ll learn a lot about Armenia and Armenian culture.

Armenian Nature

You will make khorovats (barbeque), dance, sing and play different games together. The bonfire will be an inseparable part of your day. At night you can look at the beautiful stars and the moon. You can stay there for the entire night and sleep in tents.

It is essential to remember that you should not pollute the environment with garbage. It will be easy if you clean after yourself the area where you spent your day.

Narine Kharatyan

Published September 17, 2018

Article by Narine Kharatyan

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