Things you Need to Know Before Traveling to Armenia

Things you Need to Know Before Traveling to Armenia

November 20, 2018

Whether you’re a travel vlogger or someone who enjoys exploring the world, Armenia is a country you must not miss. If you’ve been reading around, you might already know that Armenia is a country that’s always welcome for tourists. 

But, if this country has piqued your curiosity and you’re excited to visit the place, this article will give you all you need before you begin packing. Let’s get right into it.

The e-Visa and Visa on Arrival facility 

Armenia offers e-visa and visa on arrival for most American and European citizens. The e-Visa facility also extends to a host of other countries, but it’s best to visit their visa application page and check your eligibility.

The language barrier

According to statistics, 40% of the population speak English with basic knowledge, while 4% of Armenians have advanced proficiency in English. Russian is considered to be the second language in Armenia. The good news is that English is the fastest-growing second language. You may find someone who can speak English decently enough to converse with you. And, if nothing else works, Google translate can always come to the rescue.

Armenia’s crazy climate

Winters are icy while summers are burning hot. If you cannot bear the scorching sun, try to plan your travel later during September or early in October. This will be a perfect time for Armenian nice weather. You can enjoy your visit there without the extreme climate.

Average travel costs

Armenian currency, the Armenian Dram (AMD) is reasonably cheap. So, your overall cost of backpacking, traveling, food, and stay shouldn’t be any more than $50 per day. 

At the time of this writing:

  • 1 USD is 490 AMD 
  • 1 EUR is 578 AMD
  • 1 GBP is 634 AMD

If you plan to stay on a budget, you can rent a dorm for less than $7 per day or visit a 2-star hotel for $20. The cost of food, in general, is $10 to $12 depending on what you prefer to eat and where. 

Packing and preparing yourself for vlogging and videography in Armenia

If you’re traveling to Armenia for Instagram or Youtube vlogging, you must carry your video gear along. That includes your cameras, lenses, tripod, and a laptop. If you prefer to edit your videos on-the-go, it is also necessary to preserve the laptop’s battery. 
And, a local video editor can hog your battery pretty quickly. In such a case, you can use any lightweight video editor for Instagram like InVideo that can get your work done while also being easy on the battery.

Use public transport to travel around

Whether you visit as a tourist or as a travel vlogger, the cheapest and the most convenient way is with public transport. A ticket for a trolley or shuttle bus service starts from $0.10. You can also opt for a subway in the Yerevan city to beat the traffic and enjoy the mesmerizing sights around you!

Hiking points, almost everywhere

If you’re in the capital city of Armenia, Yerevan, access to modern amenities is easier. However,  as you start moving out, the country can turn into a rural village pretty quickly. 

Your visit to Armenia will not be complete hikes to remarkable views, ancient paths, and the clean air. 

Since the country is untouched by commercial tourism, they continue to enjoy their traditional lifestyles. 

Advice on clothing for men and women

The rural side of the country is very traditional in their beliefs. So, it’s better to wear decent, non-revealing clothing while traveling anywhere in the country.

Armenia is really safe, and you’re unlikely to experience any situations where you are alone.
But, their strongly religious culture may not welcome your choice of clothing, making you feel out of place even when you are in the capital city. 

Variety of food and eateries in Armenia

You have a lot of new dishes to try and experience. Their staple food consists of a lot of veggies, fruits, lamb, eggplant, and bread. Armenians also prefer to have fresh food making up for a healthy diet. 

Also, home to abundant freshwater, tap water in Armenia is potable and safe to drink. You are very likely to leave the country feeling refreshed and healthier than before you went in. 

Endless options for photo and video content

While traveling around other parts of the world, you can always capture the modern aspects. But, Armenia presents photographers and videographers with a unique perspective. 

The culture is fascinating, and you’ll have no shortage of places and activities to record videos and pictures of. If you prefer to continually edit your content to make it ready for publication while on the go, you can look for an online video editor for your travel videos and photos such as this one here
One thing to keep in mind is that when you’re traveling to the eastern part of the country in the Karabakh region, you need to take special care of the pictures that you click. If you capture a video or photo of an object that relates to the military, it can be considered espionage. 


Armenia is a great country. It’s rich with traditions, culture, and locations. Most of the Armenians are Christians and are highly religious. It’s crucial to learn about religion and understand what’s considered as good or bad practice, so you don’t hurt someone’s sentiment unknowingly. 

And, for someone who enjoys exploring locations that are away from modern life, Armenia is that place. Once you move away from Yerevan, you will be distanced from a lot of items that were readily available in the city. 

Stay conscious of your activities interfering with someone’s religious sentiments. As long as you can maintain the right balance between being a tourist, and respecting their religious beliefs, you’ll be welcomed as a family in their country. Make a note of all the points to have an enjoyable visit to Armenia!




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