Education in Armenia: 7 Educational Institutions for Foreign Students

Education in Armenia: 7 Educational Institutions for Foreign Students

December 05, 2018

There are approximately sixty educational institutions in Republic of Armenia four of which are international.

Some of these educational institutions are universities, institutes, academies and a conservatory which provide higher education in various spheres such as Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Microbiology, Engineering, Medicine, Information Technologies, Armenian studies, and other fields.

According to a report from the Armenian Ministry of Education and Science, many students are studying in Armenia from Russia, India, Iraq, Iran, Georgia, and Israel.

Yerevan State University

On May 16, 1919, a decision was made to find a university in Yerevan. The RA Ministers Council made the decision, and in 1920 the university was founded. A well-known scientist Stepan Malkhasyanc held the first lecture in the university.

From 1920 till 1923 the university was called National University. In 1923 it was renamed as State University. The university adopted the two-grade system of education which is bachelors and MA degrees. From 1920 till today about 100.000 students have graduated from the university.

Yerevan State University

Current departments in the university are as follows: History, Armenian Philology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Mathematics and Mechanics, Biology, Geography and Geology, Law, Russian Philology, Oriental Studies, Journalism, Philosophy and Psychology, Informatics and Applied Mathematics, Radiophysics, Sociology, Romano-Germanic Languages, International Relations, Theology.

The language of study is the Armenian language. You can find more information about the university on its website.

Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi

In 1930 on the basis of the medical faculty of the Yerevan State University (functioned from 1922-1930), Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi was founded. There are seven faculties in the university which are General Medicine, Public Health, Stomatology, Pharmacy, Military Medicine, Postgraduate and Continuing Education.

Languages of study at the university are Armenian, Russian and English. Approximately 1200 students who study in the university are from abroad. The values of the university are forward-looking approach, honesty, professionalism, and support.

Yerevan State Medical University

The mission of the university is as follows: “For almost a century our mission has been to prepare highly educated and professional doctors to impact the world. We put a key on research and development of medicine as a science, as well as on our student’s practical knowledge. We believe that investing in our students strongly contributes to the development of the healthcare system.” More detailed information can be found on its website.

Yerevan State Linguistic University after Valeri Brusov

Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences is a public university which was founded 1935. Since 1962 the university is named after Valeria Brusov who was a famous Russian historian and poet.

The departments of the university are Foreign Languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Persian); Russian Language, Literature and Foreign Languages (English, Spanish, German, French); Linguistics and Intercultural Communication.

Yerevan State Linguistic University

The languages of study are Armenian, Russian and English.

American University of Armenia

One of the private universities in Armenia is the American University of Armenia (AUA) which was founded in 1991 through a partnership between the Armenian General Benevolent Union, the University of California, and the Armenian Government.

AUA provides both graduate and undergraduate education by offering a global education for everyone. AUA’s graduate program offers master’s degrees in nine fields of study: Business Administration, Industrial Engineering and Systems Management, Computer and Information Science, Political Science and International Affairs, Economics, Strategic Management, Public Health, Law, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

American University of Armenia

These programs are intended to develop critical analysis and depth of knowledge through advanced coursework, independent study, and research. AUA’s undergraduate program offers bachelor’s degrees in English and Communications, Engineering Sciences, Computer Science, Data Science, and Business.

The language of study in AUA is English. For more detailed information you can visit the website of AUA.

French University of Armenia

The French University of Armenia was founded in 2003 in the framework of Agreement on cultural, scientific and technical collaboration which was signed between the Armenian and France Governments in 1995.

French University offers education in three departments which are Law, Management, and Marketing. The languages of the study in the university are Armenian language and French language.

French University of Armenia

On the website of the university, there is more detailed information about the university.

European Regional Educational Academy

European Regional Educational Academy was founded in 2001 following European educational standards.

The university provides an education in the following departments: Information Technologies, Economy and Management, International Relations, Law, Tourism, Linguistics, Public Health Management. The graduates of the European Regional Educational Academy get state and European diplomas.

European Regional Educational Academy

Languages of study at the university are Armenian and English. To find out more about the university, you can visit its website.

Russian-Armenian University

Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University was founded by an interstate agreement between Russia and Armenia in 1997. Combining educational traditions, RAU offers a wide range of study choices, including undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. programs. The programs are delivered in Russian, Armenian and English.

RAU graduates receive two state diplomas, Armenian and Russian. The University comprises 8 Institutes: Institute of Biomedicine and Pharmacy, Institute of Economics and Business, Institute of Humanities, Institute of Law and Politics, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Institute of Media, Advertising and Film Production, Institute of Oriental Studies, Institute of Physics and Engineering.



For more detailed information you can visit the official website.

More detailed information about educational institutions and educational system can be found on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia and webpages of each educational institution.

Narine Kharatyan

Published December 7, 2018

Article by Narine Kharatyan

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