Entertainment Places in Yerevan

Entertainment Places in Yerevan

August 01, 2019

Have you already stepped foot in Yerevan? If yes, then you, surely, know about the most famous Yerevan tourist attractions. Probably, you have already visited Republic Square Armenia, Yerevan Opera House, Yerevan Cascade, The Swan Lake, The Northern Avenue, etc.

However, as a tourist, you may be eager to familiarize yourself with the entertainment places, have fun and enjoy your stay in the capital city. As a newcomer, you may be unfamiliar with the most lovely entertainment places in Yerevan. 

Nevertheless, it isn’t a reason to worry about. I’m here to guide you. Let’s check out some amusing places and find the best one for you.     

Entertainment place in Yerevan №1 Play City

Play City is an entertainment center where you may practice various funny and engaging services. You can be sure, you are on the safe side. This is the only place in Armenia, where you can find diverse activities for your pastime all in one place.

Play City

The activity list includes bowling, karting, mini-golf, bumper-car, paintball, shooting gallery, and playground. There you can also find a restaurant and a cafe-bar. Here you can just eat something as well as organize parties, birthdays, and corporative events. Play City is located in Acharyan Street.  

Entertainment place in Yerevan №2 The Loft

The LOFT is a multifunctional center for leisure and self-development. The place includes various zones. You can visit LOFT and enjoy your time with friends, playing different games and get pleasure in the quiz-zone. One of the lovely things to do in LOFT is to play Ping-Pong.

There is a book corner where you may read books or you can just work. From time to time some meetings with famous people - actors, artists, are organized there. This is a well-known place for events like the presentation of books, conferences, discussions, etc.

The Loft

The loft is situated in Moskovyan Street. The general tariff of the LOFT’s main hall and a quiet zone for per person is: 

15 AMD for a minute
1300 AMD for 2 hours
1500 AMD for 3 hours
3000 AMD for 8 working hours

Entertainment place in Yerevan №3 Arena Entertainment Centre  

Arena Entertainment Centre is located in the center of the capital in Mesrop Mashtots Avenue. This is an entertainment complex that functions all day long. Arena Centre is a Bowling and Billiard Club created for a fascinating pastime.

Arena Entertainment Centre

The place has a comfortable parking district and highly secure services. You may have a great day with your friends in Arena. Here you may organize competitions and enjoy your time.

Entertainment place in Yerevan №4 Questomania

Questomania is located in Hakob Hakobyan Street. This is a fantastic place from your imagination. There are various quest rooms related to fantasy and magic. Some examples are Harry Poter Room, The Secret Room, 


Here you may experience a cozy atmosphere, solve puzzles, and let your imagination go further, cause Questomania is the magical world in your current reality. The people who visit this place are so excited and satisfied that they look forward to the opening of some new quest rooms. 

Entertainment place in Yerevan №5 YES Republic

YES Republic is somehow different from all the above-mentioned places. This is an intellectual and leisure club for children.

The club is a combination of different directions. There the children may visit the art academy where they can find various colors and products. Another room is a LEGO corner, where the children develop their constructional skills. There is also a kitchen for little cooks.

YES Republic

There are also separate rooms for English, drawing, and other masterclasses. There you may find a science corner where the children explore the science world. The YES Republic is a nice place that helps children to familiarize themselves with different professions. In every room, there are professional specialists who help the children and direct them.

After all, if you just want to escape from your thoughts or just have a walk then you have all the opportunities. Yerevan is well known for its nightlife. If you are fond of long night walks then Yerevan in a perfect place. Yerevan nights are cool, cozy and there are many places you can have an enjoyable evening.

Just walk around the city center or stay in a cafe for a cup of coffee or tea or any refreshing drink. 

Vera Mirzoyan

Published August 1, 2019

Article by Vera Mirzoyan

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