Hotels in Artsakh

Hotels in Artsakh

July 29, 2019

Whenever you travel to a country you should be ready for some kind of nuance for you: a new environment, culture, behavior, and many more factors. To travel to an attractive country where you get a chance to explore many interesting places is an excellent opportunity if you are fond of discovering the world. However, finding a comfortable residence for your stay is never less important.

This is the reason why first of all people try to manage their stay and find comfortable hotels, where their rest time will be guaranteed and they’ll be served appropriate services.

If you have already chosen to travel to Armenia you won’t feel a lack of hotels that offer good services. These hotels are located both in the capital city - Yerevan and also in different regions especially near the sights, rest zones, and hotspots of tourists. However, if you come to Armenia, you are highly recommended to spend several days in Nagorno Karabakh.

The Republic of Nagorno Karabakh is also known as Artsakh. There are many pictorial places as well as historical and cultural monuments in Artsakh. You may explore some ancient churches, chapels, and other religious centers. Some of the most famous monasteries are Dadivank, Amaras, Gandzasar, Ghazanchetsots cathedral, and many more pieces of valuable heritage.

Surely, these attractive places rise your interest and you should like to stay in Nagorno Karabakh for several days. However, you may feel confused about your stay. Are there appropriate hotel services that may help you? Surely, there are. Let’s check out some of the best hotels in Artsakh.

Best Hotel in Artsakh #1 Vallex Garden Hotel

The Vallex Garden hotel is situated in the city of Stepanakert, Nagorno Karabakh Republic. They say that this is the hotel which offers the best accommodation in the city of Stepanakert. The hotel covers 57 rooms of different categories. All the rooms are elegantly decorated and offer a comfortable and stylish design.

The Vallex Garden isn’t just about the accommodation. It is a perfect place for relaxation as it offers a relaxing atmosphere and friendly services. The hotel includes a restaurant where you can enjoy great food.

Vallex Garden Hotel

This hotel is provided with high technology devices. There is a cinema for film exhibition. In the cinema, you may watch not only Armenian national films and cartoons but also the masterpieces of world films. The 3D format films are also possible.

Besides, there are also several conference halls in this hotel. These rooms are convenient for every kind of business meetings. The Vallex Garden hotel has ideal services both for leisure and business travelers. 

Best Hotel in Artsakh #2 Europe Hotel

The Europe hotel is also located in the capital of Artsakh - Stepanakert. This is a beautiful hotel which offers 33 rooms with good services. There is a restaurant where you may taste various tasty dishes.

Europe Hotel

On the roof of the hotel, you face the Sky Lounge Bar from where you may enjoy the scenic view of Stepanakert. You may also visit the open-air cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee or any fresh drink. There is also a swimming pool, sauna, and Beauty Salon. If you need a car, you’ll find car rental services in the territory of the hotel.

Best Hotel in Artsakh #3 Armenia Hotel

The Armenia Hotel Artsakh is right in the heart of Stepanakert in Renaissance Square. The hotel offers high accommodation services including 55 various rooms (Standard, Double and Double Twins, and Connected family rooms).

Armenia Hotel

According to your request, the hotel also organizes sightseeing tours. In summer, you may have a great time in the open-air cafe just next to the hotel entrance overlooking the Republic Square of Artsakh. The hotel includes a sauna and a swimming pool. 

For business travelers, there is a special conference facility and a full business center with Internet access.   

Best Hotel in Artsakh #4 Park Hotel Artsakh

The history of the building of the Park Hotel Artsakh dates back to the mid-19th century. It served as a structure for the Russian Imperial Army. Although much reconstruction work was implemented since that time, some floors and nearby wings are added to the building, the architects have always tried to keep the initial style of the structure.

Park Hotel Artsakh

The Park Hotel Artsakh offers good services and accommodations with nicely decorated rooms. Here you may find a good restaurant, lobby bar, and a summer cafe. This open-air cafe is a perfect place for your morning coffee.   

Best Hotel in Artsakh #5 Shushi Grand Hotel

The Shushi Grand Hotel is one of the well-known hotels in Artsakh. It’s located in the city of Shushi. The hotel includes 50 rooms with nice accommodations. 70% of the rooms have an open balcony where you may experience a view of the old historic village of Shushi.

The hotel is situated in a very pictorial place. In front of the building, you’ll appear in a beautiful garden right in the heart of nature. The surrounding environment is also very attractive. You’ll experience the breathtaking view of the landscapes and mountains.

Shushi Grand Hotel

The hotel includes a large conference hall as well. This business room takes 300 delegates. It’s a well-equipped hall.

Believe me, Nagorno Karabakh is one of the best places to relax. Welcome!

Vera Mirzoyan

Published July 29, 2019
Article by Vera Mirzoyan

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