Best Cafes in Yerevan

Best Cafes in Yerevan

July 29, 2019

Every place you visit have some influence on you that’s why we prefer to go to those countries, cities, and sites that are fitting to our taste and character. Let me appreciate your choice about coming to Armenia. However, if you aren’t sure about your trip to Armenia let me help you. We may discover Armenia together, find entertainment places, plan your travel, explore the hidden destinations, known and unknown areas, and whatever you are interested in.

For today, we’ll investigate the top nine best cafes in Yerevan. I love cafes, hopefully, you too. Have a good seat and let’s start.

Best Cafe in Yerevan #1 Cascade Chocolateria

Cascade Chocolateria cafe is located at the heart of the city in the area of Cascade complex. This is a perfect place for chocolate lovers. In this Chocolateria you may find a refined and unique interior design which provides a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

They say that drinking a cup of hot Belgium chocolate in this Chocolateria gives you the right rhythm for the rest of the day. 

Cascade Chocolateria

There you’ll have a variety of selection for sweets and delicacies. You may find various flavors of chocolate. And if you remember the taste of the chocolate from your childhood then be sure you’ll find it in Chocolateria.

However, this is not a place where only chocolate is served. You may also find different types of coffee, tea, juice, cocktails, and even more. Here you may have a rest and relax at the same time. This is a nice place to enjoy your time alone or with friends, organize family celebrations, or children’s parties.

Best Cafe in Yerevan #2 Ilik

Ilik is a cozy cafe place at the center of Yerevan in Mashtots Avenue. The name comes from the Armenian word “ilik - իլիկ” which means “spindle” - a spinning tool. They say that this is a complex thread coil of people. This is a warm place which unites food, art, and entertainment. This is a place to hide from your everyday routine and have joy.


The foods are very delicious in Ilik, but you may have some difficulties in voicing out their names cause they’re somehow complicated. But don’t worry, here you’ll meet nice and friendly people who immediately get your message.

Ilik isn’t merely a cafe, it’s also a shop. The collection includes unique handmade items: interesting puppets, jewelry, illustrated teapots and plates, clay set of dishes, handmade watches, scarfs, straw hats, baskets, caskets, etc.

Best Cafe in Yerevan #3 Cafe Aznavour

The Cafe Aznavour opened its doors in 1997. You may have already guessed that this cafe was named after the great Armenian - Charles Aznavour. Due to the great effort and hard work, the cafe prospered in a short time and was involved among the best cafes in Yerevan. The cafe is situated in Nairi Zaryan Street.

Cafe Aznavour

You’ll find delicious food and different kind of drinks brought from various parts of the world in this cafe. This place is very comfortable to have a rest and forget about your daily responsibilities with the help of good music and fine environment. 

Best Cafe in Yerevan #4 The Green Bean

The Green Bean is a 100% non-smoking coffee shop. They say being green is really a common sense. So, they recommend to reduce, recycle, reuse and refill the mug with tasty coffee from the Green Bean.

The Green Bean

This cafe is relatively new in Yerevan. It’s located at the heart of the city in Amiryan street, just next to the Republic Square. This place offers an innovative concept. It provides an eco and customer friendly environment, and a cozy atmosphere.     

Best Cafe in Yerevan #5 Louis Charden

If you are fond of romantic stories then this cafe is right for you. There is a story related to Louis Charden. According to this story, once little Louis fell in love with beauty Anna. Many years later he founded his first bakery and devoted all his masterpieces to his first love.

Louis Charden

In the romantic atmosphere of Louis Charden you find a piece of France. You may enjoy a freshly baked pastry and handmade food. You may visit the cafe in Amiryan Street.

Best Cafe in Yerevan #6 The Corner

The Corner is located in an attractive corner of Teryan street. The main purpose of the cafe is to look at the world from another angle in the Corner. 

The Corner

The cafe offers a modern and high-tech industrial kitchen, high customer service, best food, and beverage quality. Therefore, if you want to look around from a different perspective, let’s have a cup of coffee at the Corner.    

Best Cafe in Yerevan #7 Mamoor

Another warm place at the heart of Yerevan is Mamoor. Here you’ll find a large menu, great food, classic cocktails, extended wine list, healthy and creative cuisine. The place itself is very comfortable. You’ll take the pleasure of your stay in the hip environment, and romantic atmosphere. 


Photo Credits: Mamoor

The name Mamoor comes from an Armenian word “mamoor - մամուռ” that means “moss”. Find the cafe Mamoor in the Abovyan street, just a few steps from the Republic Square. 

Best Cafe in Yerevan #8 Cafe Central

Cafe Central is another comfy place which is known in Yerevan for its wide selection of tea, coffee, pastries, cocktails, ice-cream, and even more. The cafe is located on Abovyan Street in the city center.

Cafe Central

This place is especially known for its pastries which are made right there at their pastry shop according to the distinctive recipes. The cafe has also an open-air area which is available in the summertime.     

Best Cafe in Yerevan #9 Malocco Cafe Cascade

Malocco Cafe Cascade

This is a soft and warm place again near Cascade. Malocco is an especially lovely cafe for the youngsters. Here you may meet friendly people, drink excellent coffee, help yourself to healthy cuisine, and everything in a comfy interior and charming atmosphere.

Surely, the mentioned places are not the only cafes worthy to be visited. But they are some of the well-known and pleasant ones. You may check out these cozy places on Instagram, learn their menu, get familiar with the atmosphere, and so on.   

Vera Mirzoyan

Published July 29, 2019
Article by Vera Mirzoyan

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