How to travel Armenia cheap: Insider's tips and tricks

How to travel Armenia cheap: Insider's tips and tricks

May 21, 2018

Do you want to travel cheap, have a great time full of joy and unforgettable memories, see many wonderful places, and taste national cuisine? If your answer is YES, then I offer you to visit Armenia, one of the smallest countries in the world. Small but full of interesting, amazing places where you can feel the warmness of a country and the people. But if you are traveler and meantime want to save your money, this guide is just for you. So let’s see how to travel Armenia cheap. It’s always better when you pay for something, less than it cost, isn’t it?

Before getting to Armenia, you need to have a visa, Know full information how to get your visa here. It’s very cheap: for 21 days you must pay 8$/6€, for 120 days 41$/40€.

When you get here, you should have these three questions in your mind.

Where to stay?
What and where to eat?
How to move in the country?

Where to stay in Armenia

There are many high-class hotels, hostels, motels in Armenia, so be quiet without worrying, you’ll find a place to live. But if you want a cheaper place, I advise you to stop in hostels. They cost 4500-5000 AMD (~10 $) with breakfast in the center of Yerevan. It means that you don’t need to pay for a taxi for a city tour because Yerevan is small and you can have a walking tour.

Hostels in Yerevan

Outside of our capital you have a chance to stay in guesthouses. The Armenians are very hospitable, they are ready to host you in their homes, give a private room, surprise you with national cuisine, at the same time you can get acquainted with the life of Armenian villages. And it costs really cheap and sometimes free.

Armenian farmers deal with agriculture, so you can taste natural fruits, juices, dried fruit, canned foods in a homemade way. You have another alternative, for example, rent a house if you come here with your family or friends it will be cheaper. Of course, in that case, you must cook yourself or eat outside But it’s not a big problem. Let’s see variants.

Natural fruits of Armenia

What and where to eat

In Armenia, you can taste different cuisines: European, Georgian, Arabic, Chinese and etc. Everywhere you can find a food point, and mainly in the center of Yerevan because the Armenians like to eat. Armenian fast food is cheaper than in Russia or any European country. Do you have 2-3 dollars? Congrats, you’ll have a tasty food lahmajo, lula qabab or something else. You can buy tasty made food from right supermarkets. These variants will be much cheaper than in restaurants. What to eat in Armenia is another question. You can learn about our cuisine, here.

Armenian Qyabab

If you are outside of the busy and noisy Yerevan, you can find fruitful trees. Please, don’t steal, because the risk is big, that guarding dog will run and get you, just ask the owner if he's there and he'll definitely give you free and juicy fruit. But if you stole the fruits and escaped from the dog, know that Armenian fruits are the tastiest in the world. The next significant argument that makes you travel cheaply in Armenia is water. This little country is rich in water resources. In every step, you can find water that is drinking fountain (we call them pulpulak) and drink cold water absolutely free. For example, 1.5 liters bottled water costs more than 2 $ in different countries. Not bad yes?

How to move cheaper in Armenia

And the last one is how to move around Armenia cheap? There are many means of transportation: bus, taxi, metro, train. Inside of the city bus tickets are very cheap, taxies are a little bit expensive, but if you order online “Yandex taxi” it’ll be there faster and cost cheaper. Metro, an underground transport, is also very cheap way, buses and mini-buses are very comfortable to move - 100 AMD (0.20 $), can you imagine?

If you want to go to Gyumri, the second biggest city in Armenia, you can travel by train, or if you want to reach Lake Sevan you can choose train for traveling because it’s comfortable, interesting and cheap. But if you want to move and travel absolutely free, then just bring your bicycle with you and your journey in Armenia will be incredible.

Lake Sevan

Another cheap variant is to share your trip with someone else. Find friends, take a taxi and share the charge.

What about the guide?

Armenia is an open-air museum There are many sites worth to see old churches, ancient castles, magic nature, world’s longest zip line, world’s first astronomical observatory (Qarahunj) and many things you can see just by visiting there. Instead of hiring a guide, you can join another group and listen to what their guide tells. It’s free. :) Besides it, probably in every historical site is information about the place on the signboards. You can read and explore the area on your own. Another variant is to find a friend from Armenia who knows your native language and travel with him or her.

Qarahunj Armenian Stonehenge

So my friend, don’t sit quite, travel to Armenia, spent a great time by spending just coins, discover this ancient country, feel, see, love, do what you have never done.

Addition. You know, Armenia is famous as a Sunny country, because 225 days (2700 hour) are sunny here. You can bring with you solar battery and charge your phone or other devices. Hope it’ll help you. If you have questions feel free to ask. Wait for your comments.

Shushanik Shahbazyan

Published May 21, 2018
Article by Shushanik Shahbazyan

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