4 Tips for a Successful Hunting Vacation

4 Tips for a Successful Hunting Vacation

December 29, 2020

You have finally decided to go on that hunting trip you’ve been dreaming about. Nothing is holding you back. You have enough money in the bank, you can take enough time off from work, and your friends and/or family are ready to join in the adventure. 
Yet even though those hurdles are no longer preventing you from following your dream, there are still a lot of elements to consider – otherwise, your vacation could quickly turn into a nightmare. Before you decide to pack your bags, here are four tips to keep in mind to ensure you enjoy a successful hunting trip. 

Tip #1: Pick your location 

Before anything else, you have to decide on where you will be hunting. Will it be done locally? Will it be on the other side of the country? Perhaps you’re planning on journeying to another continent? Whatever the case, it is imperative you put in the research before arranging travel and accommodation. 
Pick your game, the type of hunt, and season to visit. This way you’ll have a better idea of what equipment to take for your trip. Plus while it goes without saying, also make sure you pick a destination that approves of hunting

Tip #2: Get the right equipment… and take care of it

There are many points to consider where equipment is concerned. Weapons, clothing, accessories, and so on – you have to take everything that will ensure maximum comfort and efficiency for your expedition. 
Not just that, but you also have to take care of your equipment. For example, say you’re wearing clothing made with merino wool. This is a highly recommended material for keeping you warm and dry, but it’s also a tricky one to maintain. That’s why you should read a merino wool care guide before you stick your hunting clothing in the washer. A high level of care also expands to your weapons and other gadgets. 

Tip #3: Choose an outfitter

It’s true: you don’t necessarily need to hire a hunting outfitter. Yet if this is your first hunting trip, it makes a whole lot of sense to receive expert guidance – particularly if you’re traversing land that is unfamiliar to you. 
Whether it’s through a travel agent who specializes in safaris or via a quick internet search, you’ll be able to find plenty of outfitters in popular hunting destinations. Just keep in mind that the best outfitters and estates are usually booked up far in advance for the high season, so reserve your place early to avoid disappointment.  

Tip #4: Be in the right shape 

Now, this is an aspect that can often be overlooked. However, you must be in the right shape to complete a hunt. Think about it: you’re going to be lugging all of your gear around. You could be journeying across long distances over rugged terrain, through swamplands, and even across heavy snow. This is going to put a serious strain on your muscles, joints, and endurance levels. 
As a result, you need to ensure you are in the right physical condition to finish your hunting trip. Plus there are other reasons to get in good shape. You’ll be more sure-footed and agile, for instance, and this will help to improve your shooting accuracy. 

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