Best Restaurants in Yerevan

Best Restaurants in Yerevan

July 26, 2019

They say that a hungry man is an angry man. I can guarantee you won’t get angry in Armenia, especially in Yerevan. The capital of Armenia is rich in places where you may eat delicious Armenian foods and not only. There are many restaurants in Yerevan where you don’t have any chance but to experience a nice and friendly service and delicious food.

However, before choosing a restaurant you should know what do Armenians eat in order to be ready to choose the best dishes of Armenian cuisine. The Armenian national barbeque and dolma are probably the must-eat dishes in the Armenian restaurants

As for restaurants, they are a lot in Yerevan. Here you may find good food, nice and friendly atmosphere. Some nice restaurants with live music are perfect for evenings with family, others are great for enjoying your time with a group of friends. However, for now, let’s find out the best 7 restaurants in Yerevan.

What are the best restaurants in Yerevan?

1. Lavash

Have you tasted or at least heard about the Armenian Lavash the king of the Armenian bread? Probably the Armenians’ love towards this holy food is the secret why Armenians use this name very often. 

Lavash Restaurant

The Lavash restaurant is a national Armenian restaurant situated in the central part of the capital, in Tumanyan street. The desired mission of this restaurant is to bring back the right Armenian breakfast and the tradition of having breakfast.

Here in Lavash, they call it “Brduchayin nakhachash” (Բրդուճային նախաճաշ). The meaning is “A Sandwich Breakfast”. “Brduch” is an Armenian sandwich that is usually made of lavash, meal, and nut. It’s a typical Armenian breakfast which is a great formula that provides you with energy for the rest of the day. There are many more types of breakfast you may like to try in Lavash.

The restaurant offers friendly services, a convenient and pleasant environment, and delicious and nutrient foods. You may enjoy your tasty stay at the restaurant both in the inside part and in the open-air area in one of the best restaurants in Yerevan Armenia.

2. Sherep

The Sherep Restaurant is located in Amiryan street a few steps far from the Republic Square. This is the first restaurant in Armenia which offers a large and open kitchen to the customers. As a result, you may follow the overall process of how your meal is being made and cooked.

Sherep Restaurant

Photo Credits: Sherep Restaurant

This may be a great opportunity for you to learn some secrets of Armenian delicious cuisine. This restaurant offers a large variety of the Armenian national dishes as well as some pieces of the European cuisine.

The name of the restaurant “Sherep” comes from an Armenian word (Շերեփ) which means “Ladle”. You may see a ladle also on their logo. The restaurant offers good services, fresh and delicious food, and a friendly environment.

3. Tavern Yerevan

The customers at Tavern Yerevan say “We feel at home here, as this is a place with an easy environment where fresh and tasty food is always in supply”.

Since 2006, Tavern Yerevan is one of the most lovely places for those who prefer to eat fresh, tasty, and healthy. Here you may find the best of Armenian and Caucasian cuisine as well as enjoy Armenian national music and dances. 

This restaurant has a mission to offer the customers dishes that are both appetizing and different. In Pandok Yerevan, you may hold business meetings, have celebrations, and family events and gatherings. The restaurant has 4 branches in different parts of the capital.

4. Anoush

The Anoush restaurant at Republica Hotel Yerevan is also situated in Amiryan street. Its name comes from a national Armenian female name Anoush.

Anoush Restaurant

The restaurant Anoush offers an Armenian authentic cuisine made by Chief Cooks. This is a restaurant in Yerevan Armenia where you may taste manti Armenian dish. Armenian manti is one of the popular Armenian foods.    

5. Tsirani

The Tsirani Garden-Restaurant is a territory of about 4 hectares in the village of Arinj, near Yerevan. This wide territory is full of Apricot trees. And the name of the place “Tsirani” also means “An Apricot Tree”. Armenian Apricot is a popular Armenian fruit which is considered to be one of the national symbols of Armenia.


Photo Credits: Tsirani Garden-Restaurant

Tsirani Garden is a perfect place to have a rest in the heart of nature, breath fresh air, and try the delicious dishes of the Armenian kitchen.

6. Wine Republic

Here at the Wine Republic they say “Wine and dine, live happily”. You’ll experience a unique culture of wine - an Armenian national drink, winemaking, wine drinking, and wine worshiping. The place is situated in the street Tumanyan in the Cascade complex.

Wine Republic

Photo Credits: Wine Republic 

Here at the Wine Republic they say “Wine and dine, live happily”. You’ll experience a unique culture of wine - an Armenian national drink, winemaking, wine drinking, and wine worshiping. The place is situated in the street Tamanyan in the Cascade complex.

In the Wine Republic Yerevan you may enjoy the tastiest wines and try delicious dishes and salads. 

7. In Vino

Although Armenia is more famous for its cognac (Armenian brandy), there is no restaurant related to brandy in Armenia. However, In Vino is already the second one in this list which is related to wine. “Vino” means “wine”.

You may find about 850 varieties of wines from Armenia and other countries in the In Vino. Here they believe that the wine isn’t just a drink. It’s a connection with the culture of that wine’s original country.

In Vino

In Vino offers French tasty baguette sandwiches that are sold in centimeters. They friendly ask you “For how many centimeters are you hungry?” then make the most delicious sandwich just in front of you.

To Sum Up

Now you’re familiar with the best restaurants in Yerevan and you can make your choice whenever you visit this ancient city. Welcome to taste the most delicious food!

Vera Mirzoyan

Published July 26, 2019
Article by Vera Mirzoyan

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