Noyan Tapan - The Magic Name

Noyan Tapan - The Magic Name

August 07, 2019

If you have ever been to Armenia you have surely heard the name “Noyan Tapan”. You may have even been surprised by how much that name is used. But what does “Noyan Tapan” mean and why is it used so often? Let’s find out.

The Name Noyan Tapan

Are you familiar with Noah’s story? According to it, Noah landed on the Mount Ararat - the biblical mountain in Armenia (Although the mount is no longer in the Armenian area, Armenians consider it to be an Armenian mountain). Later Armenia became the first Christian country in the world. 

The Armenians believe in the power of religion, and Noah. The name “Noyan Tapan” is defined from Armenian as “Noah’s Ark”. This name is used by different companies in various spheres. I would like to introduce some of the highly recognized “Noyan Tapan”-s. Come on!

Noyan Tapan #1 Books And Stationery Store

The Noyan Tapan bookshop opened its doors to the customers in 1994. The store is located at the heart of Yerevan in Abovyan street a few steps far from the Republic Square.

Noyan Tapan Bookstore

This is a trustworthy company. Many offices, schools, and various organizations cooperate with the Noyan Tapan books and stationery store due to their wide assortment. The company offers around 9.000 stationery products and more than 30.000 different books.

The Noyan Tapan bookstore makes a partnership not only with Armenian but also with foreign and international organizations and brands. This isn’t merely a shop but also a publishing company. Different books, exercise-books, and gift cards are printed in Noyan Tapan. They translate into Armenian and publish international bestsellers in order to encourage people to read in Armenian.

Noyan Tapan #2 Newspaper Armenia 

There is a Noyan Tapan Newspaper Armenia. You may find it online on the website Noyan Tapan. This is a weekly newspaper which contains news related to politics, economy, culture, entertainment, etc. in Armenia and in the world. This magazine is available in Armenian, English, French, and Russian languages.

If you like to be aware of what is going on in the world then you’ll like this newspaper. Here you may find news, comments, analytics, interviews, essays, TV shows, etc. You can read about the press, TV, and more. There are pieces of news about Armenia, Artsakh, diaspora, and world.           

Noyan Tapan #3 Wine Shop

Noyan Tapan

Besides a bookstore and a magazine, there is also a well-known Noyan Tapan shop in Yerevan. Generally, people know it as Noyan Tapan wine shop, but actually, it’s a chain store for alcoholic beverages. It was founded in 2008 and has become one of the favorite places for both natives and visitors.

The Noyan Tapan wine shop is situated in the Grigor Lusavorich street. People say that this is one of the best shops in Yerevan for beverages. Even if you aren’t much aware of wines be sure that you buy the original drinks. Besides, the shop assistants will explain you everything in detail and satisfy your curiosity.   

Noyan Tapan Wine Shop

The chain includes an office, and three shops one of which is both a wine shop and a restaurant. Let’s reveal the Noyan Tapan restaurant. 

Noyan Tapan #4 Restaurant

The restaurant Noyan Tapan is known as “Noyan Tun” which means “Noah’s home”. The “Noyan Tun” restaurant is situated at the city center in Amiryan street.

Noyan Tapan Restaurant 

Noyan Tapan is a perfect place to taste delicious dishes and high-quality wine. Here you’ll find fresh seafood imported from France, a wide variety of wines, and all of this combined with pleasant music. In this restaurant, you’ll receive a professional and friendly service.

Noyan Tun   

To Sum Up

Which one of these “Noyan Tapan”-s do you like more? There is something attractive and interesting to discover in each one of these places. In the end, it’s up to us to decide which one we want to investigate first. Thus, if you have much in common with me you’ll try to combine everything.

At first, you’ll read the Noyan Tapan newspaper in order to have at least some opinion about Armenia and the current situation in the country. Secondly, you’ll visit the Noyan Tapan books and stationery store to check the books. Surely, you’ll find some books you are related to. 

Nextly, you’ll go to the Noyan Tun. Do you think it doesn’t matter? If I were you I would be starving after wandering around the above mentioned two “Noyan Tapan”-s. Eating the very delicious food and drinking a new kind of wine, you’ll adore it. Do you guess your next step? You’ll visit the Noyan Tapan wine shop to check the variety of wines and take the tastiest ones with you.

Vera Mirzoyan

Published August 7, 2019
Article by Vera Mirzoyan

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