Free WiFi in Yerevan

Free WiFi in Yerevan

September 23, 2019

Traveling abroad is fun, but it can be stressful, especially if you visit a new country for the first time. When traveling, people want to stay in contact with their family and friends, share their holiday pictures on their social networks, or check travel information. Fortunately, modern technologies give us this opportunity.

Nowadays, the Internet is one of the cheapest and most reliable means of communication. That's why free wifi service is a big plus for any tourist. If you are planning a visit to Armenia, we have excellent news for you.

Free Wif in Yerevan

One of the most tourist-friendly features of our country is free wifi access in all major cities and famous places. It can be found in public places like airports, coffee shops, malls, restaurants, hotels, etc. In this article, we have collected some of the most popular sites, offering a free Internet connection. Let's go!

Free WiFi in Yerevan: Airport 

Admit it. Waiting around the airport for a connecting or delayed flight is an annoying experience, but you can be quiet. Fortunately, Zvartnots International Airport, which is the leading international transport hub and the busiest airport in our country, offers Free wifi.

Free WiFi in Yerevan: Airport 

You can get connected as soon as you are in range. If you need to order a taxi by an app, it will require an internet connection. So free wifi is essential for any tourist. Just get connected, order a taxi in a few steps, and start your journey to our sunny country.

Free WiFi in Yerevan: Hotels 

Whether you're planning to stay for a night or a week, Yerevan has many hotels that will fit everyone. Our hotels offer not only excellent service, clean and decent rooms, great interiors, but also high-speed free wifi. These are the most popular hotels in the capital of Armenia where you can find Free Internet connection:

Free WiFi in Yerevan: Hotels 

* Republica Hotel, 

* Paris Hotel, 

* DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, 

* Tufenkian Historic Yerevan Hotel, 

* Grand Hotel Yerevan, 

* Armenia Marriott Hotel and

* Best Western Plus Congress Hotel. 

There are also lots of places to plug in computers. 

Free WiFi in Yerevan: public transport 

If you plan to explore our country by public transport, there is some good news for you. Many buses, bus stops, and subway stations are equipped with free wifi.

Free WiFi in Yerevan: public transport

Here are the names of the ten subway stations that offer free internet connection -

- Sasuntsi David,

- Barekamutyun,

- Marshal Baghramyan,

- Eritasardakan,

- Republic Square,

- Zoravar Andranik,

- Gorcaranain,

- Shengavit,

- Garegin Nzhdeh,

- Charbakh.

Nowadays over 300 ones provide free wifi and usually have big signs of them․

Free WiFi in Yerevan: cafes and restaurants 

There are many cafes and restaurants in our city, and fortunately, the majority of them offer Free wifi. Some of the most popular places which are equipped with Free Internet access are Bristol pub, Sushi Toria, Café La Bohème, The Green Bean, Malocco Cafe, Achajour, Crumbs, Peacock, Tiziano, Eat & Fit, Coffeestory.

Free WiFi in Yerevan: cafes and restaurants

These are great places to order some tasty coffee, delicious desserts, and at the same time check your social media accounts, chat with your friends, or read the latest news using a public wifi hotspot. 

Free WiFi in Yerevan: parks and squares 

Free wifi is also available in most of the popular parks and squares in our city. Below are some excellent places where you can relax as well as stay in touch with your family and friends.

Free WiFi in Yerevan: parks and squares

Lover's Park, the Park along the Abovyan street, the Park near TUMO center for creative technologies, Mashtots Park, English Park, Davtashen Park, Northern Avenue, Freedom Square, the Republic Square, Garegin Nzhdeh Square, Sasuntsi David Square, and Yerevan Zoo.

In all of these places, you can connect to the network without any password. 

Free WiFi in Yerevan: shopping centers and malls 

Shopping in malls is very trendy nowadays. The main reason that people love them is that they are very convenient. You can not only shop in your favorite fashion boutiques but also relax in cafes, watch movies with your friends in cinemas and all of these in one building.

There are several shopping malls in our city, and all of them offer free wifi. For example, Dalma Garden Mall, Yerevan Mall, Rossia Mall, and Rio Mall. It should be noted that these places are always high crowded, so wifi is sometimes slow. 

Free WiFi in Yerevan: shopping centers and malls 

As you see, Yerevan is incredibly convenient in terms of Free wifi. It can be found in many parts of the capital. We can proudly say that Internet access in Armenia continues to grow day by day.

Although it is cool to get connected to the network freely, however, it may be risky. For example, someone can spy on you and quickly pick up your passwords or other private information. You should always take precautions while using public wifi. 

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