How To Travel in Armenia on Budget

How To Travel in Armenia on Budget

November 28, 2019

Armenia is a great destination for those who travel on a budget. If you want to discover an ancient corner of the world on specific budget costs, travel in Armenia. This is a country with a great history of thousands of years. 

Your travel budget in Armenia may vary according to your preferences. However, you may also be satisfied by spending a minimal budget. In this case, you should realize how to spend your budget to meet your needs at the smallest possible amount. This article may serve you as an Armenia travel guide.

Travel in Armenia on Budget

While traveling to any country on a special budget, first of all, you need to know what you should do, where you should stay, what you should eat, and the most interesting one - what entertainment places and sights you should visit.

Stay in Armenia

Once you plan a trip to Armenia, you should immediately think about where you should stay in Armenia. Here you may find many hotels up to 5 stars that offer various services. However, if you want to spend less, you need to know some tricks. 

One of the most important tricks is to be aware of where you may stay at a small cost. You may stay in special hostels that offer breakfast, and here you experience the minimal budget cost (the average price is 3000-5000 AMD).

And there is another great version for you. If you have any Armenian friends, tell them you are coming. I’m more than sure; they won’t let you stay anywhere else than their house. And there won’t be any word about money. The Armenians are such hospitable people.

Things To Do in Armenia?

If you want to reveal what are the best things to do in Armenia you are in the right place because here you’ll discover many secrets. Armenia has an offer of wide choice for you. Find out what you should do in Armenia.

Taste the Armenian National Cuisine

There are many dishes included in the Armenian kitchen. Armenians like to welcome their guests with a laid table rich with various delicious foods. In addition to the dishes, you’ll like to try Armenian national sweets.

Taste the Armenian National Cuisine

You may help yourself Armenian fruits, as well; they are natural, sweet, and neutral. There is an interesting fact about eating in Armenia. The Armenians never sit around the table to have a meal without bread. This is a holy food for Armenians. If you visit any restaurant or cafe and order any dish without bread or Armenian lavash, the waiter will surely ask you whether you forgot about it or not. In such cases, just answer. This is something accepted in this culture.

Armenian fruits

However, if you are on a specific budget and cannot afford to have a meal in a 5-star-restaurant, you may visit any fast food court and eat shawarma or something similar. It will be both tasty and cheaper. You may find such places everywhere in the city. 

There are many restaurants in Armenia where you may taste whatever dish you prefer. In regards to fruits and vegetables, you may buy some in various green-grocery stores. You may also find some trees full of fruits in the streets. In such cases, just ask the owner, and they’ll give you some for free.

Armenia is also famous for its national drinks: cognac (Armenian brandy), winevodkabeer, and even natural water. You may think it’s ridiculous, but you may find free water in Armenia. You may find water sources and fountains all around you.

Armenian Brandy (Cognac)

Besides, there are many shops on the streets where you may find coffee, tea, various soft drinks, etc. Yet, in such shops, you pay less than in cafes and restaurants.  

Places To Visit in Armenia

They say Armenia is a museum under the bright sky. So, you won’t feel a lack of places to visit in Armenia. This ancient country is full of valuable places, historical monuments, cultural heritage, various statues, churches, places of interest, and adventure.

If you plan to walk around the capital, you should be familiar with the best things to do in Yerevan. If you want to know my opinion, I would advise you to visit some churches as they form an essential part of the Armenian architecture and culture. By the way, it’s free of charge.


Other than churches, you may also visit some museums and galleries. Matenadaran and Tsitsernakaberd are also considered to be must-visit places in the capital city.  


Besides Yerevan, you may also plan a tour around the country. The Armenian tour packages are very many offering services appropriate to any need and taste. The most visited sights in Armenia are the temple of GarniGeghard monastery, Khor Virap church, the Swinging bridge of Khndzoresk, Tatev monastery, and many more places.

Places to visit in Armenia

It will be cheaper to visit places near Yerevan. For instance, you may tour to Garni, Geghard. Nearby you may also take the pleasure of the Symphony of Stones. Another historical place is Vagharshapat.

The city of Vagharshapat (known as Etchmiadzin) is a unique place to visit in Armenia. This is considered to be a holy city in the country that adopted Christianity as a state religion in 301 and became the first Christian country. This is the reason why there are many churches, monasteries, and other religious centers in Etchmiadzin. The mother cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic church - Saint Etchmiadzin cathedral is the most important value of the city. Perhaps it’s the oldest church in the world. Not far from the city, you will find the Zvartnots cathedral. It was once a worship center in the pre-Christian period.


Armenia is a perfect choice both for active and passive rest. There are a lot of extreme places where you will enjoy your active rest and get a great source of adrenaline. However, if you are a passive rest lover, you may enjoy your stay in the heart of the Armenian mother nature, in a fresh atmosphere of the Armenian mountains. In such a case, you just need to take a blanket and go to the green areas. There are many beautiful parks in Yerevan that best fit for picnics. Besides, the most famous places for a picnic are Swan Lake, Botanical Garden, etc. If you want tօ completely forget about the noisy city, you may leave for the countryside. 

Shushanik Shahbazyan

Published November 28, 2019
Article by Shushanik Shahbazyan

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