Extreme in Armenia.  How to pass a dynamic and unforgettable time?

Extreme in Armenia. How to pass a dynamic and unforgettable time?

May 03, 2018

Armenia is a country of mixes: Here you can walk & fly, dream & try, feel, feel, feel…
Feel the spirit of the streets, the warmness of nation, a taste of the cuisine, smile of children, a blessing of God…

Being in Armenia one time you will wish to come back again. I know, I’m sure. How many days do you have for your vacation and what do you like? According to these, I’ll plan your trip around the first Christian country - Sunny Armenia.

But wait. As I’m young and like new feelings, I’ll tell you about the crazy sides of my motherland. It calls extreme. Extreme in Armenia.

Let’s go.

Sure, maybe you’ll think about what can I do here. Don’t hurry. Do you know that the longest cable car in the world is in Armenia and you can jump from it with a parachute? Do you imagine?

Paragliding and Zipline

Love the freedom and Dream to fly? You don’t need wings to feel it. Look at the world from the skies, to be free and forget about everything. What else can be better for it than paragliding or zip line?

Paragliding in Armenia is developing day by day. We have a fantastic climate for that - 300 sunny days a year. So many pilots visit here to explore new flying destinations. By the way, the first flights were done in 1996 by the members of the “Small Aviation Club of Armenia”. In 2008 the Armenian Paragliding Sports Federation was founded, whose members organize paragliding teaching courses nowadays with a cost of 40.000 AMD (69 EUR / 82 USD).

Paragliding and Zipline

The paragliding flights usually take place in Mt Hatis, Aparan, Lake Sevan, Buzhakan, and Dilijan. Why? Because there you can see and be part of something special, something fantastic. The opening views are out of human imagination.

So if you are in Armenia, don’t lose your chance. Welcome to the air paradise.

What about Zipline?

Don’t be surprised but the longest Zip-line is going to be in this little country in Yenoqavan village, Tavush Region. Now you have an opportunity to pass 5 different lines: 135m, 268m, 200m, 375m, and 750m on the approximately 200-300 m above the ground. Yell Extreme Park is the first amusement park in Armenia and ZipLine is the first point of it. Here you can enjoy also horseback riding tours in the nearest fields and forests, playing paintball with your friends and so on.

Off-Road in Armenia

You just thought about a safari? Stop. Armenia can surprise you, too. Nowadays off-road tours are so popular in our sunny country. Mountain roads on the edges of huge canyons, wonderful landscapes of Armenia make good conditions for a good ride.

Off-Road in Armenia

Jeeping tours will give you large doses of adrenaline. If you want you can drive yourself (under the direction of instructor).

What can you see during your 4-wheel driving tour? Wonderful landscapes, powerful mountains, fantastic nature. If you want to enjoy this, get acute emotions which costs 15.000 AMD ( 26 EUR / 31 USD), for 15 min. driving and 25.000AMD (43 EUR / 57 USD) for 30 min.driving, welcome to Yenoqavan village.


What can be better than a mix of sport and traveling? I think nothing. Love the bicycle and new emotions? Visit Armenia, take a bike, backpack and go after new feelings. The difference between riding and cycling tours is the opportunity to see every stone and bush.

Tired? Stop a few minutes, look around, receive new feelings and continue. Best destinations for cycling in Armenia? It’s difficult to say. You can start from Ashtarak, one of the oldest cities in Armenia with numerous cultural and historical monuments.

On your way, your must-see places are Oshakan, Etchmiadzin, and Zvartnots. I’m sure your day will be very emotional and happy despite tired.

Cycling in Armenia

How can you come here without visiting Khor Virap and Areni, Noravank, Shaki, Karahoonj, Khndzoresk? Of course, this is not one day traveling. But I’m sure you will not want to come back to your motherland after this amazing cycling trip to Armenia.

Another adventurous place for cycling is the mountainous Nagorno Karabakh. It is full of high mountains, deep canyons valleys, forests; a perfect place to explore new places and experiences. Are you fearless? Try mountain biking in the extraordinary Tavush Region.


Horses maybe are the kindest animals on the planet and Armenia may be the most beautiful country. So imagine their combination. Riding tour in Armenia. Don’t worry if you can’t ride. You can learn in a riding complex and take part in tours.

Riding in Armenia

There are several horse-racing centers in Armenia. The most famous is Hovik Hayrapetyan Equestrian Center, “10 out of 10” complex, Ayrudzi Riding Club companies that organize horse-riding tours out of Yerevan.
Here read where, how and when will take place horse-racing tours.


Armenia is a heaven for hiking tour lovers. Why? Because it is a mountainous country with winding roads, large forests, high canyons, and hills. The most popular hiking place is Aragats Mountain (4090), which is the highest peak in Armenia, an extinct volcano that has four peaks.

Hiking in Armenia

In the eastern part of Armenia in the area Gegharkunik Region there is another fantastic place for hiking -Geghama Mountain Chain which surrounds the blue proud of Armenia, Lake Sevan. Come here especially in summer to enjoy all beauty of streams, rivers and colorful flowers on the slopes.

There is another high (3200) Mountain Khustup in Syunik Province for hikers. For reaching the top of it you should walk 3-4 days, change the valleys and then should find the secret path which leads to the mountain Khustup.

Rock climbing

This is Armenia which is surrounded by mountains. Want to climb? Please, it's easy. If you are strong, flexible, balanced, determined and have special mental abilities, the rocks and mountains of Armenia wait for you. Reach them.

We have also a Federation of Rock climbing which organizes championships. A French rock climber Alex Chabot seeing the photos said: “I see dozens of photos every day but these photos struck me like a bell before I saw Sam Bie’s images, all I knew about Armenia was produced wrestlers and Chess Champions.

Rock climbing in Armenia

After seeing the shots I wanted to know more”. And he traveled to Armenia. The most developed areas for climbing are the Noravank Canyon on the road of Yerevan-Goris, "The symphony of stones" in Garni. Some professional rock climbers think that Armenia has the best climbing track area in the world. And do you know what? That’s true. Come and see for yourself․

Winter Sports

Winters in Armenia are fantastic and not only Armenians but also tourists love them, especially winter sports lovers. The most popular destination is Tsaghkadzor, not so far from Yerevan. Ski, slide down on sleds in the slopes of the Teghenis Mountain, sit the 30 km length cable car and enjoy all beauty of winter.

Winter Sports in Armenia

If you’re an ice skating lover you have an opportunity to enjoy that just in the center of Yerevan near Opera's building called Swan Lake. It is an artificial lake with a similar shape of Lake Sevan which becomes an open-air skating rink in winter. Don’t forget about the zip line. Fly and breathe the fresh air of Armenia, an air of liberty.

To write about extreme tourism in Armenia isn’t easy. The words can’t convey the reality․ But you can see all by yourself only visiting this fantastic country. New emotions, feelings and wish to come back are guaranteed.

Shushanik Shahbazyan

Published May 3, 2018
Article by Shushanik Shahbazyan

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