Cycling in Armenia

Cycling in Armenia

September 12, 2017

"Majestic mountains, Velvet green hills, Fast rivers, and Raging waterfalls.... emotions that are cannot be expressed with words"(Many Many Adventures). Due to its mountainous relief, Armenia has the best conditions for extreme lovers. One of the recent developing tours is the new kind of sports Cycle-Touring. Do not underestimate this country for its small sizes; though the area is not so extended, it has high canyons, deep gorges, and mountain passes that are impassable. But if you are a brave risk-taker, this land of mountains will be a perfect destination for you.

An Englishman Tom Allen wrote a blog about his bike-trip in Armenia. He so much liked this country that made it his second home. In his article, he mentioned 5 reasons to go Cycle-Touring what makes the country the best place for biking. A lot of mountains and complex mountain passes every step of your trip. He told a funny story about one couple, while he was in Yerevan he offered to host a couple of bicycle-world-circumnavigators. They had cycled across Europe, South America and breadth of the Asian continent and then cycled towards Armenia.


One day Tom received a call from them, they told that they needed a bus to get out of their place. Unluckily, that day became the last day of their cycling tour. As Tom said "Little Armenia had done her work", it may seem a little country but it has difficulties and a lot of surprises.

Cycling Directions

One of the great adventurous places for cycling is the mountainous Nagorno Karabakh. This place is full of high mountains, deep canyons valleys, forests; a perfect place to explore new places and experiences. One of the best cycling trails is the Geghadzor Aragats North Lake (3,450m) - Mountain Biking Trail. It begins in the Aragatsotn Province in Geghadzor village. The best season for cycling is the summer and the beginning of autumn. However, it is very dangerous to bike on rainy days. The trail is covered with the beautiful alpine meadows with colorful flowers.

Geghama Mountains is another great place to start your cycling. Here is the third highest mountain in Armenia (3,200 m). The mountains are very beautiful because of the small mountainous lakes and colorful flowers.

Yell Extreme park also offers mountain biking in the extraordinary Tavush Region. The bikes are durable and have required equipment for cycling, everyone can rent a bike; 2500 AMD (5150 USD/ 4380 EUR) for 2 hours and 7000(14.440 USD / 12,242 EUR) AMD for 12 hours.

Cycling adventure can be an adventurous way to discover mountainous Armenia. Do not miss your chance!


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