Off Road Driving

Off Road Driving

September 12, 2017

Maybe many of you think that the ancient Armenia, the land of Noah, doesn't have anything new and interesting except the historical monuments and the buildings. Only visiting this country will show you the opposite image of Armenia. A country that is older than centuries but young at heart and its look. Nowadays this land has lots of things that are undiscovered for the new travelers and adrenaline seekers. If you have already seen those buildings, monasteries and other historical monuments; be sure you haven’t discovered Armenia yet.

The land of miracles is considered to be a mountainous and stony country which makes perfect conditions for off-roading. Recently, off-road tours became very popular amongst extreme lovers and sports amateurs. Mountain roads on the edges of huge canyons, wonderful landscapes of Armenia make good conditions for a good ride.

Off-road or Jeeping tours are a perfect type activity that all the active rest lovers. They are served by experienced drivers with many years of practice. But if you want you can drive the car yourself (under the direction of instructor). During your tour, the dose of adrenaline, the impassable mountain roads and wonderful landscapes of Armenia will give you the indescribable feelings and memories.

off-road driving in Armenia

4-wheel driving offers daily and multi-day off-road tour packages. These are not only for men, women can also drive 4x4 vehicles, as well as families and big groups can also take part in these tours. The organizers provide jeeps for 30-40 tourists in a group accompanied by professional drivers/guide.

All the extreme lovers can enjoy this activity in a Yenoqavan village(Tavush region). There exists the first amusements park of Armenia where everyone has an opportunity to take part in extreme sports without being professional or having certain skills. The first point of the park was Zipline, then since November 2015 visitors can also paraglide or ride a bike in mountains.

Recently two new activities were added to the park; Paintball and Off-Road tours. It is an activity that includes driving a vehicle off-road, riding on unsurfaced roads or tracks and overcoming gravel road surfaces, cobblestone and granite setts. The Price is 15.000 AMD ( 26 EUR / 31 USD), for 15 min. driving and 25.000AMD (43 EUR / 57 USD) for 30 min.driving.

Jeep Tour Armenia also organizes tours and trips with experienced drivers, guides, and fully equipped vehicles making your experience and memories unforgettable. All routes in their programs have been thoroughly investigated by them personally. Their goal is to find new routes and to research potential difficulties. They know what may happen on the way and they are well prepared for any eventuality. That's why almost nothing can prevent them from making the trip as it was planned.

Don't miss your opportunity to try this experience in a land of stone, make your life brighter with Armenia.

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