Paragliding in Armenia

Paragliding in Armenia

September 13, 2017

They say you don’t need wings to fly; paragliding will give you the opportunity to fly and get your wings. There are no exact recordings about where was Paragliding invented or Who invented this competitive adventure sport? But some believe that it was David Barish in the 1960s. The first time he personally tested in 1965 in New York on Hunter Mountain.

paragliding in Armenia

Paragliding in Armenia has developed in the past few years. In recent years, many professional pilots visit here paragliding and exploring new flying destinations. Because this land is a very attractive destination for para-tourism due to 300 sunny days a year and convenient weather conditions for both independent and tandem flights.

Due to the height of the Armenian highland (which is located in the center part of the Caucasus Mountains), the country has various microclimates that create perfect circumstances for paragliding. The first paragliding flights did the members of the “Small Aviation Club of Armenia” in 1996. Already, in 2008 The Armenian Paragliding Sports Federation was founded, whose members organize paragliding teaching courses nowadays.

The flights usually take place in Mt Hatis, Aparan, Lake Sevan, Buzhakan, and Dilijan. Flying above Sevan Lake is a great experience that everyone should try. During your flight, you will be the witness of something special, the huge marvelous lake framed with the mountain range and the blue sky. All of these create a view that you will never forget. When you are in the air, you feel yourself as a bird in the sky, the emotions, feelings, adrenaline and the beauty around give you life experience. Right after the launch, you want to fly again.

"SKY CLUB" is Armenia’s leading expert in paragliding flights. The members of the team are professional and highly qualified pilots. The expert pilot will take care of the launch, flight, and safe landing for you. The duration of the flight lasts from 7 minutes to 15-20 depending on the weather conditions. The flights with an instructor costs 1 participant 48.000 AMD (83 EUR/ 99 USD), 3-5 participants 43.000 AMD (74 EUR / 88 USD), 6 and more participants 40.000 AMD (69 EUR / 82 USD).

This is a lifetime adventure that can be done in the heights of Armenian highlands, do not lose this opportunity when you visit the land of miracles.

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