Goris is located in the southern part of the Syunik region. The town has had many different names, which were mainly the phonetic variation of the same name meaning "Rocky place". The old town of Goris was an area with cave residences. 

Goris is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Armenia. The surroundings of Goris are full of extraordinary towers, castles, rock pyramids, caves, and a lot of other wonders. The town is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Armenia.

The magnificent Tatev monastic complex is not far from the city. The monastery was built in 895 and has been a major educational and cultural centre of Armenia for centuries. 

The monastery is standing on a high cliff overlooking the Vorotan River Gorge. There are different legends explaining the origin of the name “Tatev” which in the Armenian language means “give wings”. In 1995, the Tatev Monastery and the Desert were added to the preliminary list of World Heritage Sites of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

In 2010 a cableway was constructed which takes people to the Tatev Monastery from the village on the opposite hill. This aerial tramway is called “Wings of Tatev” and it holds the record for the longest non-stop double track cable car (5.7 km). The “flight” over the gorge lasts 12 minutes during which the audio-guide tells the passengers the history of the monastery.

When you are in Goris you can go to Satan's Bridge. This is a natural bridge over the Vorotan River. At the end of summer, when the water level is low, it is possible to swim under the bridge and through the cave to the other bank of the river. Goris has long been known as Kyores.

The cave town of Old Kyores, to the east of the modern city, is one of Goris's most magnificent and unique places. The 4th century St. Hripsime Basilica Church is also located in this part of the town. Nature and scenery here are absolutely stunning and impressive.


Tatev Monastery

Goris is considered to be the most visited destination of the tourists because one of the wonders of Armenia is here. The one and only Tatev Monastery complex is situated here. It is not a secret that Tatev is a fascinating place that attracts everyone.

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