Riding in Armenia

Riding in Armenia

September 12, 2017

If you planned to visit Armenia for new adventures and experiences, know that this little country is just a perfect place for you. Armenians started to get along with horses still in pagan times, these loyal animals were the inseparable part of many rituals and events. That means these people know how to treat and communicate with these extremely loyal and smart animals. So, without a doubt, horse-riding will be another great way of enjoying your active rest and getting unforgettable memories from a sunny country.

Horse-racing Centers in Armenia

The most famous horse-racing centers are Hovik Hayrapetyan Equestrian Center, “10 out of 10” complex, "Ayrudzi" Riding Club and many other companies that organize horse-riding tours out of Yerevan.

All the riding lovers can enjoy their day in those centers. You will be able to feed the horses and participate in the process of saddling and ride horses.

"Ayrudzi" Riding Club

In the “Ayrudzi" Riding Club you will be informed about horses and horse riding, the qualified personnel will teach you the important riding skills. After that, you will be able to try it on your own. This center also has an area where you can organize dinner and even make barbeque. Visiting this wonderful club will give you new unforgettable memories and experience. The club is situated in Ashtarak city (Aragatsotn Region), it's not far from the capital Yerevan, it will take 20-30 min.

Hovik Hayrapetyan Equestrian Center

Hovik Hayrapetyan Equestrian Center is also a famous place for horse-riding which was opened in 2001, located in the southern part of the Yerevan. Here take place all the competitions directed by the Federation of Equestrian sport of Armenia. There are also private and group lessons for both adults and for children, their qualified staff will help you and show you how to communicate with horses. In the area of the center, there is a restaurant called "Jockey". The restaurant has a typical horse-riding interior. Everything is made of natural wood; the walls are covered with amazing decorations and the menu offers the tastiest Armenian dishes. From the restaurant, you can enjoy horse races and training.

horse-riding in Armenia

Yell Extreme Park

Above, you got familiar with horse riding centers in Yerevan or near the capital. However, you can also learn how to ride a horse outside of the city, in the heart of wonderful and healthy nature. The tours are being organized in the Tavush region which has a lot of rivers, forests, natural mineral springs, lakes, hills, spacious meadows and the most important thing of all, you will breathe the clean and healthy air. Along your way, you will see numerous historical monuments of Armenia which will attract you with their beauty and mystery. So Armenia can be a new discovery for you, never miss your chance to visit this little country full of adventures.

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