Armenian women

Armenian women

December 05, 2018

Everybody who has visited Armenia can prove that Armenia is a beautiful land. But have they noticed that Armenian ladies are also gorgeous and sexy? Sure, nature is very lavish towards them. But in this article, we are going to talk not only about the beauty of Armenian women but also their role in the family and political life and more.  Let's start! 

The role of an Armenian woman in a family

There was a time when the Armenian women just need to stay at home and do all the domestic chores. The main responsibility of women at that time was to take care of children, make delicious dishes, and keep the house clean.

However, currently, there is another image. Women in Armenia work equally as their husbands. The children are taken to kindergarten (or the grandmother takes care of them while parents are working) and women go to work. Therefore, Armenian women are more family-oriented than business-: after work, they don’t forget their duties and responsibilities for the family.

The Armenian women in politics

They say that Armenian women find the key to success in politics. They are very active in political life. In the Armenian National Assembly, multiple female members are included. There are many female members of parliament. Some of the most highly-knowns are Arpine Hovhannisyan, Lilit Makunts, Mane Tandilyan (Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Armenia), Naira Zohrabyan, Zaruhi Postanjyan, and many more. These Armenian women are very intelligent and they know what to do in order to make people follow them and their opinion.

Armenian women in politics

Armenian Women Characteristics

Armenian women look gorgeous thanks to the ideal combination of characteristic features typical to Asian and Caucasus people. Especially, they are different thanks to their dark brown or black long hair, and wide forehead. The dark eyes and long, thick eyelashes make them look more impressive and mysterious.

Outfit of Armenian women

Once females in Armenia wore only skirts: trousers were not allowed. They were wearing long skirts, dresses, etc.

Currently, the outfit of Armenian women extremely differs. In daily life, these beautiful creatures tend to wear comfortable clothes. The younger generation prefers to be sporty: jeans, t-shirts, sports shoes, or something similar. However, there are some exceptions who like classic outfits. Regardless of their preferences, it is a rule for Armenian females to look luxurious and emphasize their beauty with their clothes as well. During special events, for instance, weddings, birthday parties, etc. Armenian women wear beautiful dresses with high hills, accessories, and hairstyles.

The outfit of Armenian women

There is also a traditional dress of Armenian women. It is called Taraz. This is a very beautiful dress that provides an even more elegant look for Armenian females. Taraz is a colorful dress, however, red and blue colors appear more often.

Jewelry is an essential part of Armenian Taraz. These women wear silver belts, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. All these pieces of jewelry are usually rich with coins. This combination of colors and silver evokes a great feeling of a gorgeous and humble look.

traditional dress of Armenian women

How to win the Armenian women’s hearts

It is easy to fall in love with Armenian women as they are both beautiful and clever. If you happen to fall in love with an Armenian girl be careful in your actions. However, I’ll let you know some secrets.

Armenian women like clever men who have goals and do their best to achieve these goals. Flowers and luxurious gifts may be pleasant to them but you cannot win an Armenian woman’s heart with money and such materialistic things. You need to be strong-willed, attentive, and careful. You should remember all the important (and not only) events and show your care. However, do not break the limits. Armenian women do not like to be treated as a child.

Now I will present to you the 10 most beautiful Armenian girls and women who are not only very beautiful and stunning but have received worldwide recognition for the talents they have.

The Most Beautiful Armenian Women

The beautiful Armenian woman #1 Angela Sarafyan

Angela Sarafyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia. She is an Armenian-American prominent and gorgeous actress. When she was a child, she moved to Los Angeles with her family. Before starting the career in acting, her favorite occupations were dancing ballet and playing the piano. But as we see she chose a more promising future for her. Her passion for becoming an actress comes from his father, who was a great artist. Despite her young age she has already played in many outstanding films and currently has great fame in Hollywood.

The beautiful Armenian woman-Angela Sarafyan

The first movie that she has played in is “Judging Amy”. Angela Sarafyan has become more famous for her role in “Westworld” where she was playing Clementine. Another one is “Sex Ed”, where her talent as an actress was obvious. She is playing in comedy movies too. The most famous is “Lost and found in Armenia” where she is falling in love with an American, who suddenly has appeared in Armenia. Of course, I can’t help mentioning “the Promise” film. Angela Sarafyan is also participating in many American TV series, where she shows us her artistic talent.

The beautiful Armenian woman #2 Rubina Khanzadyan

Rubina Khanzadyan is a prominent Armenian model thanks to her unusual appearance. She moved to Barcelona with her family at the age of 3. Brought up and raised in Barcelona. She likes to introduce herself in different fields. After living in Spain for 13 years, she moved to the USA. Now Rubina lives and works in New York.

The Armenian women

She has got a chance to be an angel in Victoria’s Secret and enjoys worldwide recognition for the success she has. Rubina has mentioned in one of her interviews that the Armenian language, culture, traditions have always been in their family no matter where they have lived. That is why she still feels so close and identified in our culture in many ways.

The beautiful Armenian woman #3 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is the sexiest woman and has worldwide fame due to her personality. She is the most beautiful Armenian celebrity living and working in the USA. The Kardashian got recognition by the reality TV show called “Keeping up with Kardashians’’ which is the most in-demand TV show in America. She is an entrepreneur, TV show personality, and popular Instagrammer having 121 million followers. She produces her Makeup products and fragrances and does collaborations with other Kardashian sisters.

The beautiful Armenian woman-Kim Kardashian

Her products have got high reviews from influential magazines and Makeup artists. This Armenian lady launched her application where she shares her personal experience including beauty tutorials, personal journals, fashion content and much more. Due to her beautiful appearance, she is a beauty icon, and many fashion designers eager to cooperate with her. Kim enjoys great fame for the body shape she has got, and she does daily workouts to keep her body in shape. She has all the characteristics typical of an Armenian woman including her a little bit of dark skin color, black hair, and beautiful eyes.

The beautiful Armenian woman #4 Varda\Vardanush Martirosyan

One of the most beautiful Armenian ladies Varda is an attractive Ukrainian-Armenian dancer, singer, and model. Varda was born in Ukraine but has a deep Armenian root. Now she lives in Russia, and people say that she is the most beautiful Armenian girl living in Russia.

The beautiful Armenian girl-Varda

Varda has an ideal figure, and that is why her dances are pleasant to watch. She has created her clothing brand called “Varda” where every woman can find clothing from sexuality to divinity. Vardanush Martirosyan has a unique Armenian appearance due to her dark brown and big eyes, curly and black hair, dark and beautiful skin. She is so passionate that many famous men are crazy about her.

The beautiful Armenian woman #5 Khloe Kardashian

Another sister of Kardashians, Khloe has also become famous by the TV show “Keeping up with Kardashians’’. Khloe is one of the most popular businesswomen in the American business world. She has her clothing brand called “Good American” where she sells denim jeans and many high-quality items for the workout. Khloe along with her sister Kylie Jenner launched Koko Kollection.

The Armenian girl-Khloe Kardashian

She even has best-seller books about healthy diets, fitness, and many other interesting topics to help in having a healthy and strong body. Khloe Kardashian has her TV show called “Kocktails with Khloe”. During the program, she invites celebrities where they have dinner, play games, and enjoy “Kocktails”.

The beautiful Armenian woman #6 Safinaz

Safina Grigoryan who is famous as Safinaz especially in the Arab world is a fantastic Russian-Armenian belly dancer. She has got achievements and success thanks to her talent. Before introducing herself in belly dancing, she was a ballet dancer.

The beautiful Armenian lady-Safinaz

Safinaz passion for Arabic dances has taken her to Egypt. Before moving there, she was performing in Armenia. Besides being a great dancer, she is acting in video clips and Arabic movies.

The beautiful Armenian woman #7 Sirusho

When we speak about gorgeous Armenian ladies, we can’t help mentioning Sirusho. She was born and raised in the artists' family. Her mother is also a famous singer, and the father is a talented actor in the theatre. Sirusho inherited her beautiful appearance and voice from her mother. She is famous not only in Armenia but also outside of it. Now she lives and works in America.

Armenian woman-Sirusho

Sirusho participated in Eurovision in 2008 where she performed the “Qele-Qele” song and got 4th place. She has many collaborations with other singers and the most recent one was with Sebu Simonyan with the song “Vuy aman”. Sirusho has a very nice and inspiring national song presented in the “Armat” album which is prominent throughout the world.

The beautiful Armenian woman #8 Alice Panikian

Alice is a prominent Bulgarian-Canadian model who was born in Yerevan, Armenia. In 2006 Alice got a chance to become Miss Universe Canada. She has a unique beauty and differs due to her long legs, which is getting emphasized in swimsuits, and for that uniqueness, she has got the title “Miss Best in Swimsuit”.

The beautiful Armenian girl-Alice Panikian

Besides being a gorgeous model, Alice Panikian is also famous as a Journalist and TV host. She enjoys the titles such as ‘’Miss photogenic’’ or ’’Reinado interactional del Cafe”. 

The beautiful Armenian woman #9 Cher

Cher enjoys a great name of being an American talented actress and singer who was born in Armenia and has deep Armenian roots. Her full name is Cherilyn Sarkisian. She left for Los Angeles at the age of 16 and married to a songwriter Salvatore. They began singing and performing together and here started her career as a singer.

Armenian women-Cher

Now she is already 72 years old Armenian woman, but as we see, she hasn’t lost her charisma and beauty.

The beautiful Armenian woman #10 Iveta Mukuchyan

I am sure you remember the gorgeous Armenian lady who represented Armenia in 2016 on Eurovision. The Armenian lady was beautiful Iveta Mukuchyan. Iveta was born in Armenia but raised in Germany. She is not only a talented singer but also a famous model who is the face of many advertising campaigns.

The beautiful Armenian girl-Iveta Mukuchyan

Iveta has managed to show her talent in the “Runaway or Get Married” movie by performing as a leading actress. Iveta along with her sister Marianna has founded the “Mukuchyan” brand where they introduce beautiful jewelry, watches and much more.

Shushanik Shahbazyan

Published Dec. 05, 2018
Article by Shushanik Shahbazyan

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