Armenian festivals in 2019

Armenian festivals in 2019

February 04, 2019

Do you like to be part of festivals? I think your answer is “yes”. They are funny, interesting, informative; they can tell about culture and not only.

If you’re not in Armenia, then check out this year’s festival list. The entrance to the events is usually free, and it’s so good. In 2019, Armenian festivals are impressive as always. Here is a date list.

Armenian festivals in 2019

As you can see summer and autumn are the most eventful seasons of the year.

Armenian festivals 2019 in Spring

Armenian festivals start just with spring. They are 5, Barekendan, Tsakhazard, Zatik, Yerevan Wine days and Tolma festival.

Which one do I prefer more? It’s difficult to say. But I think the last two must be on your list. Tolma and wine are part of our national cuisine.

Armenian festivals 2019 in Summer

Summers in Armenia are sunny and hot, especially in the capital Yerevan. And because of that, people try to have mini trips out of the capital and pass time in nature. The festivals are a Good opportunity to relax from daily routines and enjoy watching the incredible beauty of Armenian fauna.

Argentinian tango is the only one that takes part in Yerevan. Good chance to get know with other culture. This year Sevan offers you the two biggest music festivals of the year: Huso Aragast and Sevan music festivals. The blue-eyed beauty is proud of Armenian people, and they have never been mind going there one more time.

I love tasty festivals. And you? What about the tastiest raspberry or mulberry in the world. Don’t forget about khorovats (barbecue) festival too.

Are you an extreme lover? In that case, Yell extreme festival is just for you. It takes place in Yenokavan village, an amazing and peaceful place.

Armenian festivals 2019 in Autumn

The other festival which takes place in the capital is the coffee & tea festival. I’m sure you like one of them or maybe two. Just don’t miss.

Gata festival is one of my favorites. Who would give up a piece of Armenian gata, maybe two? Want to feel the hospitality of the people of Gavar? Take your bag and your best friends and go to Mets Pur festival on September 28. Eat traditional bonfire-made potato of Gavar, Of course, don’t forget about Areni wine festival on 5 October.

1000 years village life festival will let you get know with the household, craft, and art of the villagers. Arts and crafts festival presents exclusive pieces of carpet weaving, works of the decorative arts and national cuisine. During the event, you can learn about Armenian dances and music.

Armenian festivals 2019 in Winter

Armenian winter festivals comparing with other seasons’ festivals are less. The winter’s main festival is Kagand folk festival on December 28-29. During those days are organized many events, especially New year day. In December, Yerevan is different, as if she wears holiday costumes waiting for the magic.

So that you will decide to travel to Armenia in winter be sure you will pass a fantastic time. If you decide to travel Armenia in winter, be sure you will have a fantastic time here.

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