5 awesome things to do in Armenia besides exploring churches  

5 awesome things to do in Armenia besides exploring churches  

December 11, 2018

Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world. It is not in vain that sometimes people call Armenia as the “land of churches”. There are more than 4,000 historic monasteries and churches in this ancient land. Many tourists associate Armenia only with churches and some of them travel Armenia just for one reason; to visit churches. It is interesting to know that you can find other interesting places to go and joyful adventures to try in this mysterious country.

This article may be helpful for you to spend an unforgettable and adventurous time in Armenia.

Must do in Armenia #1 Try Hot Air Balloon Rides

Armenia is one of the most mountainous countries in the world and the one, which is out of high-rise buildings. That is why this hidden country can be the most suitable and beautiful for a hot air balloon flight. If you have never taken the risk to fly in a balloon, then feel the real extreme in Armenia. During your trip, the gorgeous view of Armenian landscapes and breathtaking scenery will seem magical to you.

Try Hot Air Balloon Rides in Armenia

Credits: Skyball Armenia

For those, who adore adventurous extreme, the balloon flight has always been a dream. Trying this in Armenia can be more cheerful and brave for the tourists. Once you get in a balloon, you can feel a real calmness, because you are in the trustful hands, and the enjoyable challenge is waiting for you. Have you ever dreamt of flying like a bird? If your answer is yes, then take the chance to have this fantastic experience.

If you have a lover, you can make a romantic proposal while flying over the stunning landscapes. No season is not suitable for air balloon rides. If you prefer to have this experience in winter, don`t forget to wear warm clothes. The balloons are designed for five people, including the pilot. The duration of the flight is about one hour (40-90 minutes, depending on the direction and speed of the wind) at an altitude of 1000 m.

Romantic proposal while flying over Armenian landscapes

Credits: Skyball Armenia

Must do in Armenia #2 Have fun at Yerevan pubs

Have you ever imagined that Yerevan, Armenia’s capital is home of different kind of bars, pubs and wine houses? The doors of Yerevan are open in front of the lively and active young people. “Pink city” offers you from the comfortable wine houses to the noisy pubs with active and energetic live music. Armenia is considered one of the safest countries in the world.

Walking through the streets and visiting pubs are the most pleasant parts of Yerevan nightlife. The atmosphere of nightlife is so energetic and inviting. After exploring churches and visiting historical places of Armenia, it can be very delightful to have fun with friends at the pubs full of lively people. If you feel like having fun, want to dance, to feel the warm atmosphere around Armenians, Yerevan pubs are perfect spots for you. Each pub and wine house has its unique interior and curious environment. If you feel like enjoying Yerevan nights, then make a visit “Paparazzi”, which has recently opened.

Have fun at Yerevan pubs-Paparazzi

Located around the central part of Yerevan, “Paparazzi” is the unique spot to go to when in search for a night of Western-style pub. In a modern jazzy atmosphere and around stunning design you become more energetic. Another must-go one is “El Sky Bar”: This unique place has become crowded since it has opened. The unique location, the musicians, the inviting interior will bring you here.

Located on the rooftop on the Yerevan Plaza building, “EL Sky” has a view of the stunning city. The elegant white colour and modern music are making the impression that you are in paradise. Don`t forget to reserve it in advance, as it is the favourite place for Yerevan citizens. There are so many prominent spots to have fun. When in Yerevan, be sure to check all the pubs out, because each has its uniqueness.

Have fun at Yerevan pubs-EL Sky

Must do in Armenia #3 Taste Armenian mouth-watering wine

Armenia is considered one of the oldest wine producing country. Armenian wines are very prominent and spread all over the world. The unforgettable aroma and taste will make you taste it twice and more, and you cannot give up drinking. There are many types of wines, from pomegranate to grape, from red to white, from bitter to sweet.

Make sure you have tasted some Armenian wines before leaving Armenia. Currently, 45 Armenian companies are producing more than 100 kinds of wines. And 83 per cent is being produced in the Ararat region. Each type of wine has a natural and unique taste. The most prominent wines are Karas, Takar, Tariri, Armenia, Ararat and so on.

Taste Armenian mouth-watering wine

The prices of Armenian wine differ and you can find a bottle of the best wine in the amount according to your pocket. First, go and taste some wine then choose the delicious and aromatic one. There are many exciting places to probe the Armenian treasure. I will separate some tips for you: “In Vino” is the perfect place to gauge the temperature of the wine scene and here you can find many curious wine lovers.

Another one is “Wine republic”. This one has a unique culture, the culture of winemaking. The interior reminds you that you are there to taste the natural Armenian wine. When you walk around Yerevan, you can observe so many friendly and cosy wine houses, that you will never feel like going back from this unique wine world.

Must do in Armenia #4 Taste Armenian cuisine

Armenian cuisine is one of the richest in the world, which is full of tastiest dishes. The Armenians have their ethnic foods which are the most delicious around the Caucasus. Armenian tables offer a great variety of foods, which is adorable from the vegetarians to the meat eaters.

If you have got a chance to appear in the country like Armenia don’t leave it unless you taste some typical Armenian dishes. If you are a tourist and look for traditional Armenians foods, tasty Armenian foods are waiting for you.


It is a special Armenian appetising porridge. The main ingredient is a roasted or boiled fatty chicken meat seasoned with different aromatic spiceries. The Harissa has a historical meaning for the Armenians. It is a symbol of Armenia’s courage concerns to Genocide. You can taste this mouth-watering Armenian dish in all the restaurants of Yerevan.


Another traditional and creative dish that will interest to the vegetarians is “Ghapama”. It is a cook made of the pumpkin, specially made during winter holidays. After Armenian professional cookers dig its kernel, they fill it with many healthy ingredients such as boiled rice and dried fruits: apple, cornel, almonds, plums, nuts. "Ghapama" is favourite dish comes from ancient times.


When making "to eat list in Armenia" consider Tolma, which is famous Armenian dish around the Caucasus. The plate especially contains meat but for the vegetarians are their vegetarian option. The meat is being mixed with rice and delicious spices. And then it is being wrapped in grape or cabbage leaves.

Basturma and Sujuk

Basturma and Sujuk are traditional Armenian delicacies. The difference of the seasoned slices of beef is that Sujuk is minced and basturma isn’t. They are air-dried smoked slices of beef fully seasoned with cumin, pepper and the most important with much garlic.


Armenian cuisine is rich in different delicious desserts. Gata is a very ancient Armenian dessert especially made during traditional Armenian holidays. Each Armenian region has its way of preparing the gata. It has his unique shape, size, and sweet taste. The kernel of gata called khoriz is very tasty. That is why you must try this when visiting Armenia.

Sujuk(dessert)- It is impossible to find a person who doesn’t like sujuk. It is the most famous Armenian dessert made from walnuts sewn into a string. It is being kept in a cold and dry place for several days. Walnut jam- In general the jams are typical Armenian sweets. They are the favourite for Armenian people. Walnut jam has a unique taste and recipe. The most valuable ingredient among the Armenians is the cinnamon. The Armenians add it with the jam, and as a result, the feeling gets tastier.

Must do in Armenia # 5 Sit back and enjoy the ride

The longest ropeway in the world is in Tatev, the Syunik region, Armenia. The Guinness World Records officially record that fact. “Tatev Wings” has its place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. If you have got a chance to be in Armenia, take the unique opportunity to have the adventure to ride the world’s longest cable car. Located over the marvellous Vorotan river the impressive ropeway`s speed is 37 km per hour.

Tatev Wings

The two ways journey will last about 20 minutes. The maximum height of the world’s longest ropeway is 320 meters. And the price is affordable: for the one-way ride, it is 4000 AMD. When getting on it is impossible to feel the lack of adrenaline. At the top, you can explore incredible cultural views and breathtaking sightseeing. If you are in Yerevan and want to have the fantastic experience to ride the Tatev ropeway, it will take 4-5 hours to get Tatev.

Visit Armenia and have a great time. As you see Armenia is a land full of adventurous activities waiting for adventurous tourists like you.

Elen Sargsyan

Published Dec. 11, 2018
Article by Elen Sargsyan

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