Tolma Festival

Event Organized by Ministry of Culture, STATE TOURISM COMMITTEE

Tolma Festival
Start Date End Date Location Tickets
19 May 2019 19 May 2019 Near Zvartnots Temple

As we know Tolma is the best known Armenian national dish. The origin of the word “Tolma” comes from the word “toli” which in old Armenian means grapevine or Uduli. In Armenia, Tolma festival has been holding since 2011. This year the festival will take place Near Zvartnots Temple. The Tolma used to consist of battered meat and grapevine, but than it was changed. Afterward there were emerged different preparation methods depending on various regions. 

The main purposes of the festival are to make the world know about “Tolma”, to organize Pan-Armenian holiday, to collect forgotten or rarely used recipes of “Tolma”. In 2017’s festival the participants made Tolma in record-breaking length (60m 44sm). The festival also hosts tourists who have come to Armenia from different places. As other festivals, Tolma festival also plays a great role in the development of tourism in Armenia.

During the event authorities especially pay attention to the development of culinary tourism, as well to the question how we present our cuisine. Every guide should introduce the cuisine to tourists and explain what they eat. The festival is saturated with a cultural program, folk songs, and dances which will turn the activity of national dishes into a national holiday.