Yerevan Wine days

Event Organized by Eventtoura

Yerevan Wine days
Start Date End Date Location Tickets
03 May 2019 04 May 2019 Martiros Saryan St, Yerevan 6000 AMD

The ‘’Yerevan Wine Days’’ activity devoted to the best traditions’ development and presentation of Armenian wines was launched in Yerevan.  The activity takes place in one of the most colorful corners of the city, at Saryan Street(Pushkin-Moskovyan crossroad). The event organizer is Eventtoura

Armenia is mostly known for its cognacs, but only very few people are aware that first of all Armenia is a country which has winemaking millennial traditions. The immemorial wining was founded in Areni cave, Armenia.  Armenia is famous not only for its red and white wines but also with its rose ones.

The purpose of the activity is the stimulation of tourism in Armenia and the provision of the recognition of our city as an ancient cradle of wines.  The ‘’Yerevan Wine Days’’ gives an excellent opportunity to Armenian winemakers to present Armenians, foreigners, and tourists their own win. During 2 days Armenian and Artsakh's wine producers will present guests 200 types of wine, the restaurants, and cafes will provide Armenian and international cuisine's most popular dishes. Everything will be accompanied by a charming piece of music.

This year the area of the event will be three times larger than previous ones. The entrance fee is free.

For taking part in the event, trying presented wines you should have a special coupon - 6000 AMD (12.32 USD- 10.90 EU)

A coupon includes:

  • wine glass 
  • comfortable wine holster
  • informational brochure
  • 7 checks (7 full glasses from your chosen wine producers)

Separate stalls are placed along the street, from where wine lovers will have an opportunity to taste the best wines of Armenian production. The activity also contains Armenian folk songs and dances, which makes the atmosphere warmer and more national.  In this way, everyone can feel the spirit of the Armenian nation and along with that get acquainted with Armenian cultural features. 

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