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28 July 2020 28 July 2020 Swan Lake free

Vardavar is undoubtedly the most beloved and joyous holiday of Armenians, which is celebrated in all corners of the country. On this day, people armed with buckets and containers full of water come out and play "jrotsi" (pour water on each other ).

Be it Yerevan or the most remote mountainous village in Armenia, the holiday brings coolness to the summer heat and warms people's hearts.

In Yerevan, Vardavar turns into a real celebration, and if you are in the centre of the city, you will definitely not be able to avoid getting wet.

The biggest lovers of the holiday gather at the fountains and ponds of the city, so they don't have a lack of water.

Vardavar is celebrated 14 weeks or 98 days after Easter, on Sunday.